Sleep, Shadow & Spuds

Published October 23, 2014 by marshaz333

Well, the Mr. and I have gotten back on our diet this week.

And I’m about to starve absolutely to death!!!

Why is it that when you “can” eat, you don’t want to eat but when you “can’t”, you can’t get enough????

So needless to say, it’s been a crabby week for me.

And that poor, poor Mr.

How he puts up with me sometimes is a mystery.

So not only am I in constant complaint mode over the lack of Mt. Dew and potato chips, I’ve also decided to renew my quest for a brother for Taj.  I’ve found the perfect guy and have been begging, pleading and otherwise annoying the Mr. in hopes that he will finally break and let me get this guy.

If you see me on the Facebook, then Shadow is no stranger to you.  But here is his little picture:


Can’t you just see him and Taj playing and wrestling and cuddling up to sleep????

I’ll keep you updated if the Mr. starts to crack.

No crack just yet.

I’ve also had some trouble sleeping this week.

Probably from all the starving.

My Fitbit keeps track of my sleep patterns and this is what it usually looks like:


and this:


The light blue is all the times I’m restless and the pink is when I’m awake (probably stumbling to the potty!!).

But this morning I woke up fresh as a daisy and feelin’ mighty fine.  I checked with the magical Fitbit and lo and behold…………SLEEP!!


Look at that!  I didn’t move all night.

No flip-flopping like a fish.

No potty breaks.

Of course, now that the day is almost over, I could use a good nap!

And since I’m not eating food this week, I want to share with you my experience from a couple of weekends ago.

Marti & I went to Indianapolis for a women’s conference and while we where there I had an experience that I had only dreamed about.

My very first food truck lunch!!

There were several trucks all lined up on the street but we chose the Circle City Spud truck.

It was freezing cold and drizzling a bit but I was so excited that I barely noticed!!!

I mean, as an obsessive Food Network watcher, I had seen every episode of every season of “The Great Food Truck Race” and now I was gonna get to actually eat something from a food truck!

I just was beside myself!!!

Sad, yes; but wait til you see what I ate…..


This is called Naptown Mac & BBQ Spud.

Oh yes!

A loaded baked potato with cheese sauce, BBQ pork, mac & cheese and BACON!!!

Top it all off with some sour cream and that, my friends, is artery-clogging goodness!!!

And that’s also why I’m back to the diet this week.

Oh well, it was totally worth it!!  :-)



August 1st

Published October 8, 2014 by marshaz333

Yep, August 1st.

Can you even believe that???

That was the last time I posted anything.


And the reason????

Ummmmm……..well, I ain’t got one!

Let me be the first to admit that I’m a smidge on the lazy side.

And the only reason I’m admitting it is that I have siblings, parents, kids & a husband who would be more than happy to admit it for me! :-)

So I guess I’ve got a lot to fill you in on but since I’ve piled on another birthday since we last spoke (er, read), I can’t remember it all. I’ll just let most of it swim around in my noggin’ and at some later date I’ll share with you the goings on from this summer.

It’ll be funnier that way since I’ll have to make up most of it!

This past weekend we had the icy-cold pleasure of attending my cousin, Brandon’s wedding in Ohio.What a beautiful couple in a gorgeous setting on what may be the coldest day in the history of the world.

Ok, maybe not the world but definitely my little corner of it.

And maybe not the coldest but let me assure you that it was pretty dag-gum cold!!!!

I had planned all along what I would wear to an outdoor October 4th wedding. I was ready. No question about it.

Then Tom (as in Ackerman, my meteorologist) started this silly business about a cold front coming through the area.

{Yep, I have my own meteorologist. I share him with all the other LEX18 viewers but he’s really just mine. He’s a smarty-guy and I always believe what he tells me. Even when he says COLD!}

So at the last minute I figured I better come up with a warmer option.

I go to my closet.

I stand there.

I got nuthin’!

Finally I dig up an oldie-goldie skirt and jacket and we head to Ohio.

We got to the hotel and changed into our duds and headed to the most beautiful farm where the wedding would take place.

And that’s when I realized that the outfit I had chosen was not warm enough!

Not by a long shot!!!!

Now, I readily admit that I’m a wimp. I’ve got no problem saying that. But I’ve lived in the Frozen Tundra of Buffalo, NY and I know what cold feels like when I encounter it.


But then the wedding started and while we all sat around with chattering teeth, the most beautiful bride walked down the aisle with NO sleeves, NO back to her dress and NO COAT!!!!

Emily dress

Bless her heart!

It must have been love because there is no way I could have done that.

I mean, I love the Mr. and all but geez-Louise!!!

Thankfully, there was heat in the tent where the reception was held and most of us left at the end of the night with no frostbite.

It was a lovely evening.

We ate.

We danced.

We had a great time.

And we are thrilled that Brandon has found such a great girl to be by his side for always. We love Emily!!!

Brandon & Emily

But no highfalutin’ night would be complete without this KY hillbilly’s take on the most interesting part of the night.

I told the Mr. when we were getting ready that I had one concern: pantyhose.

See, I haven’t worn pantyhose in YEARS!!! I just didn’t have a need to. So I wiggled and squirmed and pulled and tugged and finally got those bad boys on!

But then there is the problem…………what if I have to go to the bathroom????

I tried to hold it. I truly did. But there is only so much water & Diet Coke a bladder can hold until something must be done.

And I knew there would be a port-a-potty.

Those things are the worst!!!

We sang years ago at an event that involved a weekend-long Civil War reenactment. Those Civil War dudes and dudettes had been using those potties ALL WEEKEND. Not a good scene, man!

So with that in mind, I went in search of the bathroom.

And lo and behold, there sitting like a welcome oasis was perhaps the most amazing site I could have seen.

This was the port-a-potty of the rich and famous!!!

It was spacious.

It was clean.

It was fresh as a daisy.

And, most importantly, it had a sink with running water and SOAP!!

Of course, that still didn’t help with the pantyhose situation and I sincerely apologize to whoever was on the men’s side of the potty-trailer when I was doing the pantyhose dance.

I’m sure it must have felt like an earthquake!


Whistlin’ Dixie

Published August 1, 2014 by marshaz333

A whistler came in our office today.

Yep, a random whistler.

And that got me thinking…..

What kind of person comes into someone’s office, sits down at a computer, then proceeds to whistle???


Is that odd or is it just me?

Ok……..don’t answer that.

And it’s not like he’s a frequent flyer.

I don’t recall ever seeing him here before, although he didn’t require any assistance from us on our computer system, which leads me to believe that I’m just the least observant person ever.

But still and all, did he even realize he was whistling???

Which reminded me of something that happened way back in the good ole days of the 1980s:

In my attempt to fulfill my math requirements while avoiding Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus and any other such madness, I was happily enduring Business Math and my mind wandered.

As did my fingers, apparently.

All I know is the teacher stopped in the middle of class and asked IN FRONT OF EVERYONE if I was dreaming of playing the piano!!

How embarrassing!!!

And I don’t even PLAY the piano.

Maybe I was dreaming of typing.

Most probably I was tapping along with the song in my head.

There’s always one there.



Commercial jingle.

TV theme song.

It doesn’t matter to my brain.

So maybe this dude was whistling the song in his head.

Just wish I had known the tune so I could have played along!!

Happy Friday!



To Geek Or Not To Geek

Published July 14, 2014 by marshaz333

There’s an ongoing discussion in our house about geeks and nerds.

It all started when I bought a pair of socks that says “I heart Nerds”. I thought they were so cute.

Little did I know that the Mr. did not care for these socks.

He also didn’t particularly like my Snoopy “I heart Nerds” shirt, which I wore EVERYWHERE!!!


Then one day he asked me not to wear it and when I inquired as to the reason, I found out that he was offended by being called a nerd.

He was, in fact, a GEEK!


Didn’t know there was a difference.

But, oh yes, there is!!

I don’t  really know what the difference is but since the Mr. is  much smarter than me (GEEK) he must be right!

So I cut back on the wearing of the Nerd Love and continue to love my geek, though without accessories to prove it.

Everything was going fine until one day when I was informed by my Shelby that the Mr. AND I are actually her “favorite nerds”.




Now wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute!

When did this happen???

Was it from all the Star Trek that I’ve seen??

Was it from my love of Doctor Who??

Or could it possibly be that I’ve now attended not one but TWO Comic Cons????

Oh yes, that’s probably it!!

Back in the spring, the Mr. and I went all the way to Indianapolis to our very first Comic Book Convention. And folks, let me just tell you, I may be a nerd, but there was not a doubt in my mind that at this event, the Mr. and I were in fact the coolest kids there!!!

Oh my stars and garters!





Of course, it’s not easy to look down on these sillies from such a lofty height when you’ve just driven 3 hours to get your picture taken with Arya Stark!!!

Arya Stark 2

Yes, it’s true!



Well, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone so a few weeks later, Shelby joined us for our second Comic Con. This one was in Louisville and featured the cast of The Walking Dead!

Oh my!!

This was gonna be fun!!!

We opted to dress like just your average everyday weirdos though and we blended in just fine. And while there were LOTS of people in costume, the vast majority went for Doctor Who.

Here’s me with my favorite Doctor:


Now, before you think this was a guy that “worked” at the convention, oh no! I’m much more pathetic than that!!

This was just some random dude that agreed to get his picture made with a middle-aged woman who loves David Tennant.




The Mr. wanted to bring this TARDIS home:


And poor little ole Shelby humored me by posing with her LEAST favorite character of all time, TE.


{YES, I realize it’s ET but when Shelby was little, she was scared of him and called him TE. What a cutie she was and still is!!!}

Then we went to the main event, a panel discussion with several cast members of The Walking Dead.

Sadly, all the actors played characters that have already DIED on the show!!

Oh well, we were still in the same room with Lori, Merle, Shane and Hershel.



Al in all, it was a really great time and who knows???

We may go back next year.

I really want to take Belle and turn her into a nerdy geek too!

Her parents would LOVE that! :-)



Celebrate Good Times, COME ON!!

Published June 25, 2014 by marshaz333

The Mr. and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this past weekend.

I know 12 years may not seem all that big a number.

Not like 25 or 50 but I figure that the mere fact that the Mr. was able to put up with me for another 365 days while holding on to most of his sanity is reason enough to celebrate!

And celebrate we did!!!

We started with a late breakfast from McDonald’s.

Watched a little TV.

Played a little Guitar Hero (him, not me!).

Read a little bit.

Had a late lunch from the gourmet kitchen of Hardee’s.

And after a dip in the pool, we ate some popcorn for supper while watching TV.

We rounded out the night watching Dr. Who but couldn’t stay awake for the whole thing.

Do we know how to party or what?????

But the Mr. more than made up for the exciting day by giving me an awesome (and fun) gift.

He got me a Fitbit.



Now normally I would poo-poo the idea of anything fitness related for an anniversary present (or any other day present for that matter!) but let me just tell you that this thing is totes jelly!!! :-)

I had been trying to win a free one from the Pioneer Woman with no luck. So that sweet Mr. spent way too much money and surprised me with not only the Fitbit but he even got the color I wanted!!!

He listens!

He actually listens!!!

So what is a Fitbit???

Why, it’s a little thingamabob that tracks my steps, how many miles I’ve walked (not many), how many calories I’ve burned, how many “very active minutes” (HA!), as well as tracking weight, water intake and even sleep patterns.



It’s neat-o!

I know there are those among you who are asking, “Why on earth would the very fit Mish need one of these?”

Well, let me just tell you.

Last night about 9:30 I was taking Taj out for his last hurrah before bed.

Yes, we go to bed that early so we can watch a Dr. Who.

I think I’ve already covered just how exciting our life really is.

So anywho, while Taj is doing his business and chasing lightning bugs, I pull out my phone to check how many steps I had walked. The recommended number is 10,000 but even with the dreaded trip to the grocery I haven’t gotten anywhere near that.

At 9:30 I was at 4,853 steps.

Well, that would never do!

I had to at LEAST get to 5,000.

So what did my neighbor see when she looked out the window???

She saw a crazy lady marching around her yard in the dark trying to get 147 more steps to register on her Fitbit!!!!

And no, you don’t have to march but I just wanted to make good and sure that each step was counted so I picked up those knees and embarrassed the heck out of the dog!! :-)

Loving the Fitbit!!!

Sadly, the Mr. didn’t fare as well in the gift department this year.

Lately we have been trying to cut back on expenses a little so I thought we were giving each other the same thing we did for Mother’s and Father’s Day…….a big lot of nuthin’!!!

So while I got the incredible Fitbit for a gift, that poor, poor Mr. came away empty handed.

But never fear, nostalgia wins the day!

When the Mr. was just a little guy (way before he was a Mr.) his mom had an album that he LOVED! She would play this album and he would sing every word of every song. The album was The Cat And The Lady.

Never heard of it?

Can’t find it?

Of course not.

It doesn’t exist!

Well, Sunday afternoon, we were watching the Sunday Morning show that we tape every week and there was a piece on songwriter Gerry Goffin. He was once married to Carole King and they wrote many songs together.

During that segment, we learned that the couple split up and Carole King branched out on her own in 1968 with an album called “Tapestry”.





It DOES exist!!!

Well, after I realized that was the album, I just had to buy it!!

So several days AFTER our anniversary, I gave the Mr. his very own CD of The Cat And The Lady!!

I have a feeling I’m gonna be listening to that CD quite a bit.

Sorry I was so late (and cheap) but happy 12th anniversary, Mr.!!

Thanks for putting up with my silliness for yet another year!



These Boots Were Made for Walkin’

Published June 4, 2014 by marshaz333

The Mr. and I have been busy as can be.

And ya’ll……..I’ve got so much to tell you about!!!

From target practice to Comic Con to giant stinkers, I’m not really sure where to start.


I’ll start with this past weekend.

Way back in the olden days of March, Molly posted on Facebook that she was going to put together a team for the MS Walk.

Now, first of all, let me just say that this isn’t the first time Facebook has gotten me in trouble!!

Nor will it be the last, I’m sure.

But in those chilly early-March days, I was young and naive and May 31 seemed oh so far off. I just KNEW that by the time the Walk actually took place, I would be miraculously thin and in shape.

I was so sure of this that I even bragged to my cardiologist that I was participating in the Walk.

Well, really I just told him because when he got to the question of exercise and I had to confess that my regimen was, for all intents and purposes, non-existent, I felt like this would make up for my winter laziness.

That sprang from my fall laziness.

That came after my summer laziness.

You get the picture.

It’s a whole laziness circle!

Anyway, what I wasn’t counting on was Dr. Monin being so impressed that he WROTE IT IN MY CHART!!!!

Oh my lands!!!

You all know what that means, right????

He’s gonna ask me about it at my next appointment!!!


But in all seriousness, the reason Molly put together the team and the reason I signed up was because of our good friend, Mark Jackson, who has been diagnosed with MS.

team jackson

So a big group of friends and family joined Team Jackson and this past Saturday we met up at the MS Walk.


Some were pumped.


Not so much.

I had worried and fretted and worried some more.

Why was I so apprehensive?

I HAD been preparing for this Walk, hadn’t I?

I mean, with over 2 months to get off the couch, I had SURELY been walking every day so as to be ready.




We met up with the team on a beautifully warm and sunny day with absolutely no preparation and no hope that I could do it.

But that awesome Mr. just encouraged me and told me he would walk by my side and take breaks whenever I needed them.

That’s sweet just on the face of it but considering that I’m a super slow walker in normal circumstances and have also been known to complain a bit when in uncomfortable situations, that just may earn the Mr. another star in his crown on judgment day!!

Let me say that not only did I walk the WHOLE WAY, but I did it without complaining, I only sat down 1 time and, most importantly, I WASN’T LAST!!!

I’d say that was quite the accomplishment!!

Now I’m sure you’re saying to yourself “My, that Mish is so impressive”.

And you’re right.

It is very impressive.

But I must confess that my big long walk was really just 3 miles.

And while most people could do that in their sleep, I think it was pretty remarkable for a middle-aged, overweight woman with a heart condition!!

Because did you catch that part about not being last???????

I was NOT last!!!

That’s the best part!

And even though I’m still limping along with a big ole blister on my foot and shin splints that scream every time I take a step, I’m glad I did it.

Because at the end of the day, helping in even a small way to find a cure for MS is so worth it!

And so is standing (or walking) with this guy:


Love you, Old Man Jackson!!



Light as a Feather

Published May 19, 2014 by marshaz333

The wonderful world of TV viewing is coming to an end.

No, we’re not getting rid of the TV.

The Mr. wouldn’t stand a chance of living another day if he even SUGGESTED that we give up the television set.

What I mean is that summer is here and shows are ending until fall and the Mr. couldn’t be happier about it!

He started fussing around March-ish that he was ready for the shows to end and all kinds of bike riding and hiking and other sweaty-I-can’t-believe-he-talked-me-into-this activities begin.

But the other night we were trying to catch up on some TV watching and our sweet dog, whose hair is starting to grow back by the way, wanted desperately to come and sit with us.

So since he gets whatever he wants, up on the couch he came.  But the seat wasn’t quite high enough for his liking. He just had to climb up on the back of the couch so he could survey his kingdom a little more clearly.

While he was up there keeping watch, the Mr. decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to rub his smelly old feet!!!

And I, like a dutiful wife, obeyed his command.

Ok, I think I better clarify.

First of all, he didn’t really command; it was more of a whiney-beg.

Second of all, I wasn’t very dutiful because I complained to high heaven the whole time and even threw in a couple of tickles because I know he hates that.

Wife of the year, I think not!!

So we are watching TV in peace when all of a sudden, the Mr. cries out and his legs go flying!!!!

He almost kicked me right in the face!

What caused this sudden and violent outburst????

Was it an earthquake?


Was it a bee and/or spider?


Was it sudden onset of Tourette’s?

Not even.

Our cat-like dog who is neither light on his feet or even LIGHT decided he was ready to get down and PLOP!!

Right on the Mr.’s belly like a bowling ball!!!

{Taj is like a bowling ball not the Mr.’s belly!!}

Then Taj and all his 14 lbs. just stood there on the Mr.’s stomach and looked down at him like “WHAT??”.

Needless to say, wife-extraordinaire that I am , I just cracked right up!!!

The Mr.?

Not so much!!





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