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Things are not always as they appear…..

Many of you know this story but I’ll share it again though I put my life at great risk just in the telling of this story.  See, its about my little sister, Molly, and she could very possibly kill me (or at the very least maime me!) for posting it on the internet.  But in order to prove my point, it must be done!  🙂

Years ago, Molly and I shared an apartment.  One night I had class so she fixed just enough supper for herself.  When I got home, she asked me to check her chicken that was in the oven and make sure it wasn’t overcooked.  Well, I opened the oven and realized that her chicken was actually a pork chop!!  We’ve teased her many times over the years for not knowing the difference between a frozen chicken breast and a frozen pork chop but after the other night, Mom can no longer join in the fun!!!

See, the other night Mom fixed us a fantastic supper and was so looking forward to the dinner rolls she had just purchased at the grocery store.  We had even talked about how good they were gonna be with our gravy.  So imagine her surprise when, as she pulled the rolls out of the oven, a little “something” was peeking out at her from between the rolls!!!  These wonderful yeast rolls were actually sausage filled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep……….pigs in a blanket!!!!  Now don’t get me wrong………..we LOVE pigs in a blanket; just not store-bought ones!  The only ones who liked the pig part were Dad and Taj.  So we popped all the pigs out and they feasted while Mom, John & I just ate rolls (with just the faintest taste of pig!).  

I guess the lesson here would be that unless you want Tuesday Night Surprise for supper tonight, check the package!!!!  Or just be like Molly & Mom and live dangerously!!  🙂

Have a wonderful day!


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Its Friday……….FINALLY!!!!!

As I drag myself out of bed this morning and do my usual zombie-like shuffle to the shower, I started to think ahead to the weekend and all the things I’d like to do:

* sleep in (til at least 10:00)

* stay curled up in bed with my husband and my dog and read a book

* play on my computer while my loving husband blares his music and makes pancakes (YUMMY!)

* lay around in my pj’s watching tv

* take a nap

* get dressed long enough for my hubs to take me out for a good supper (maybe Outback!!!  Again……….YUMMY!)

* put jammies back on and watch a movie

* go to bed and try not to feel guilty for the wasted day!


Now here’s the reality………

* wake up early

* grab whatever breakfast I can on the way out of the house

*go to the Mahal and scrub the walls with a Magic Eraser (those things really are magic!!!!)

* start priming the bathroom & laundry room for painting

* paint the hideously yellow (think Sponge-Bob yellow) trim in the laundry room

* scrub closets and line the shelves (I hate cleaning my own filth, let alone someone elses!!)

* wash all the windows and window sills

* scrounge up some kind of lunch on the go

* run to the hardware store a couple of times

* move in a couple of pieces of furniture

* make sure the dog is taken care of and doesn’t make a dash for the door every time its opened

* trudge back to Mom & Dad’s when its too dark to do any more work

* secretly hope Mom will fix supper while she’s secretly hoping  that I will fix supper

* fall into bed exhausted hoping Monday quickly arrives so I can go back to work and get some rest!!!  🙂

Should be a fun time!!!  Join us………won’t you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Love ya’ll, MISH

Joe the Plumber

You’ve heard it said that it “takes a village to raise a child”; well, that apparently applies to a grown child as well.  We have had a plethora of folks helping us out with The Mahal. 

Here are just a few of the “village people”  who have been helping us out:  Mom & Dad (aka Grace & Ed) who have been there most every day working their fingers to the bone; Steve, who has been the go-to guy when we don’t know who to call ALWAYS knows a guy and can be counted on to meet said guy at the house any time day or night; Kenny, our electrian extraordinaire who works on our wiring even in the dark of night; Molly, who can strip wallpaper with the best of ’em; Belle, who keeps us entertained with her dramatic readings of the delightful Junie B. Jones; Marti, who brings pizza to the hungry crew on her way home from work; and of course my wonderul husband, John, who puts up with this crazy crew of misfits as he runs in every direction putting out fires even when he’d just as soon let the place burn!!! 🙂

And that brings me to Joe, the plumber.  I first met Joe when I was a little kid at Providence Baptist where my mom & dad helped to lead the youth group.  Joe was one of the teenagers in that group and I thought he was sooooo old!!!  Fast-forward to present day and now my brother-in-law, Steve, does some drapery work with Joe’s mom & sister.  When our plumbing appeared to be on the way to geyser-dom, Steve knew just who to call……….Joe the Plumber!!!!  Well, Joe has been to the house many, many times in the last couple of weeks; he’s fixed drains, cut out and replaced pipes, and pulled diapers out of the toilet drain!!!!  A nasty job for sure and that Joe only charged us $200!!!  For ALL of that!!!  Funny how God uses people from our past to help us in our future!!

I’m so thankful to all those who have helped us in the past month or so but it does leave one lingering conundrum.  I’ve searched high and low for the “village idoit” and I’m starting to think that since I can’t find one……… may be me!!!!!

Have a lovely day!


The Mahal

So John and I just bought a new house in town.  We’ve been living with my parents since October when we moved to KY and I’m sure they are looking forward to us finally moving into our house!  🙂

I say we bought a “new” house but that all depends on your perspective!  Its new to us, its newer than any house we’ve ever owned but its OLDER than we are!  It was built in 1960 and from all appearances, it has not been updated since!!!!  But that can be a good thing……….especially if your into vintage stuff! 

One of my most favorite things in the house is the light fixture in the dining room.  Last week Mom & Dad cleaned it up for us and you would not believe all the brown smoke stains that came off!!!!!  Pretty nasty but the results were amazing!!!  Take a look:


It turned out great!!!!  

As for the “vintage” wallpaper on the dining room walls……..well, its staying for now!  After pulling wallpaper off 3 rooms and trying to get the glue off the walls so we can paint, we’re going to hold off at least until we either can afford to PAY someone to do it or we forget how hard it was to do ourselves!!  🙂
As for the name of the house, the concensous is that since we already have the Taj (more about him later!) we might as well have the Mahal too!!!!! 
So far its been quite the adventure working on the house and hopefully we’ll be actually moved in within a week or two.  I’ll let you know how it goes!!!

Hello world!

Ready or not, here I come!!

If your reading this blog looking for words of wisdom, just move along!  If any wisdom shows up  here, its purely by accident!  What you’ll find here is a hodgepodge (mish-mosh!) of thoughts and ideas and random wonderings. 

I hope to fill this space with lots of laughter and fun!  Watch for new categories in the days to come and feel free to talk back!!  Just remember these words: 

“Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don’t be mean when you say it!”

Ok………so I’ve let some wisdom sneak in on my very first post!  But honestly that isn’t my wisdom.  It came straight from my friend’s mother!  Thanks, Jane, for the wisdom!  🙂

So sit back, relax and don’t forget to check back with “Life According to Mish”.  It should be fun!

Lots of love, Mish