Joe the Plumber

You’ve heard it said that it “takes a village to raise a child”; well, that apparently applies to a grown child as well.  We have had a plethora of folks helping us out with The Mahal. 

Here are just a few of the “village people”  who have been helping us out:  Mom & Dad (aka Grace & Ed) who have been there most every day working their fingers to the bone; Steve, who has been the go-to guy when we don’t know who to call ALWAYS knows a guy and can be counted on to meet said guy at the house any time day or night; Kenny, our electrian extraordinaire who works on our wiring even in the dark of night; Molly, who can strip wallpaper with the best of ’em; Belle, who keeps us entertained with her dramatic readings of the delightful Junie B. Jones; Marti, who brings pizza to the hungry crew on her way home from work; and of course my wonderul husband, John, who puts up with this crazy crew of misfits as he runs in every direction putting out fires even when he’d just as soon let the place burn!!! 🙂

And that brings me to Joe, the plumber.  I first met Joe when I was a little kid at Providence Baptist where my mom & dad helped to lead the youth group.  Joe was one of the teenagers in that group and I thought he was sooooo old!!!  Fast-forward to present day and now my brother-in-law, Steve, does some drapery work with Joe’s mom & sister.  When our plumbing appeared to be on the way to geyser-dom, Steve knew just who to call……….Joe the Plumber!!!!  Well, Joe has been to the house many, many times in the last couple of weeks; he’s fixed drains, cut out and replaced pipes, and pulled diapers out of the toilet drain!!!!  A nasty job for sure and that Joe only charged us $200!!!  For ALL of that!!!  Funny how God uses people from our past to help us in our future!!

I’m so thankful to all those who have helped us in the past month or so but it does leave one lingering conundrum.  I’ve searched high and low for the “village idoit” and I’m starting to think that since I can’t find one……… may be me!!!!!

Have a lovely day!



One thought on “Joe the Plumber

  1. I would say you may be on to something, but the village idiot wouldn’t be able to logically figure that one out…. So may be the idiot is the ones that are helping?

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