Its Friday……….FINALLY!!!!!

As I drag myself out of bed this morning and do my usual zombie-like shuffle to the shower, I started to think ahead to the weekend and all the things I’d like to do:

* sleep in (til at least 10:00)

* stay curled up in bed with my husband and my dog and read a book

* play on my computer while my loving husband blares his music and makes pancakes (YUMMY!)

* lay around in my pj’s watching tv

* take a nap

* get dressed long enough for my hubs to take me out for a good supper (maybe Outback!!!  Again……….YUMMY!)

* put jammies back on and watch a movie

* go to bed and try not to feel guilty for the wasted day!


Now here’s the reality………

* wake up early

* grab whatever breakfast I can on the way out of the house

*go to the Mahal and scrub the walls with a Magic Eraser (those things really are magic!!!!)

* start priming the bathroom & laundry room for painting

* paint the hideously yellow (think Sponge-Bob yellow) trim in the laundry room

* scrub closets and line the shelves (I hate cleaning my own filth, let alone someone elses!!)

* wash all the windows and window sills

* scrounge up some kind of lunch on the go

* run to the hardware store a couple of times

* move in a couple of pieces of furniture

* make sure the dog is taken care of and doesn’t make a dash for the door every time its opened

* trudge back to Mom & Dad’s when its too dark to do any more work

* secretly hope Mom will fix supper while she’s secretly hoping  that I will fix supper

* fall into bed exhausted hoping Monday quickly arrives so I can go back to work and get some rest!!!  🙂

Should be a fun time!!!  Join us………won’t you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Love ya’ll, MISH


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