Things are not always as they appear…..

Many of you know this story but I’ll share it again though I put my life at great risk just in the telling of this story.  See, its about my little sister, Molly, and she could very possibly kill me (or at the very least maime me!) for posting it on the internet.  But in order to prove my point, it must be done!  🙂

Years ago, Molly and I shared an apartment.  One night I had class so she fixed just enough supper for herself.  When I got home, she asked me to check her chicken that was in the oven and make sure it wasn’t overcooked.  Well, I opened the oven and realized that her chicken was actually a pork chop!!  We’ve teased her many times over the years for not knowing the difference between a frozen chicken breast and a frozen pork chop but after the other night, Mom can no longer join in the fun!!!

See, the other night Mom fixed us a fantastic supper and was so looking forward to the dinner rolls she had just purchased at the grocery store.  We had even talked about how good they were gonna be with our gravy.  So imagine her surprise when, as she pulled the rolls out of the oven, a little “something” was peeking out at her from between the rolls!!!  These wonderful yeast rolls were actually sausage filled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep……….pigs in a blanket!!!!  Now don’t get me wrong………..we LOVE pigs in a blanket; just not store-bought ones!  The only ones who liked the pig part were Dad and Taj.  So we popped all the pigs out and they feasted while Mom, John & I just ate rolls (with just the faintest taste of pig!).  

I guess the lesson here would be that unless you want Tuesday Night Surprise for supper tonight, check the package!!!!  Or just be like Molly & Mom and live dangerously!!  🙂

Have a wonderful day!


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