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Go Ahead……….I Dare Ya!!!!

Have you ever been “dared” to do something?

Or the more ominous “double-dog dare”? 

You just CAN’T pass up a double-dog dare!!!!

I was practically dared just today.  He didn’t actually SAY “I dare you” but he might as well have!!

The Mr. came to my office today for lunch (as he usually does) and being the dutiful wife, I made quite the gourmet lunch…………sandwiches!!  🙂 

So we were talking about his day and what we had planned for this weekend. And since we STILL are not moved into the Mahal, all of our planned activities revolved around working at the house.  Fun, right?!?!?!?!

As the list of things that need to be done got longer and longer, the Mr. spoke up and said, “You know we won’t be ready to move in next weekend, right?  There’s just no way.”

Did you hear that??? 

If you listen real close you can hear his inaudible “I dare you”! 

Challenge accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a side note, I’m now taking applications for any and all helpers for this weekend!  Painters, cleaners & general workers accepted!!!  🙂



I Can Only Imagine

Don’t you just love to watch little kids play?  I’m amazed at the things they can think up to do.

Take for instance my niece, Belle.  The other night at the house, I looked down at the bottom of the stairs and there she was laying spread eagle on the floor!  I asked what she was doing and she said she was sliding down the stairs……………on a piece of foam!!!!  She wasn’t hurt really but I thought it was funny how she looked at that foam and “imagined” a sled!!!

I used to play like that. 

In our neighborhood, there weren’t many kids our age so my sisters and I just had each other.  We loved playing outside, which was a good thing since Mom would get tired of us in the house and send us out with strict instructions to “stay out” until supper-time!! 

One fun thing we would do is play church.  I’m not sure how fun it was for my sisters but for me, it was awesome!  That’s because I was the song leader, the preacher and I also did the baptizing!!!!  They were just the congregation (boring!).  And I baptized those girls just as often as I could!!  Mostly in the wading pool we had during the summer but also I could baptize on the bed! 

How, you ask??  Easy………..just stand on the bed, proclaim to baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, then push them over until they did the “Nestea plunge” on the bed!!  It was big fun………until Mom came to find out what the loud “crash” was!!!  We were always breaking stuff!!! 

When I was a kid I had a purple bike.  I LOVED that bike.  Here is a picture of a similar bike:

Mine was even more awesome!!! 

And boy did we have lots of fun with our bikes back then!  We lived on a dead-end street so we could ride down the street a little ways and up our driveway without getting run over.  One day we decided to race on our bikes.  Of course, me being me, I had to name my horse.  I called him “Peetah”.  Now for those of you who can’t understand my English accent, his name was “Peter”!!!! 

Why the English accent????  I have NO idea!!!

I would smack at the backside of my “horse” and shout “Run, Peetah, run”!! 

My sisters still tease me about this…………….30+ years later!!!!

I don’t know why our imaginations change as we get older.  We’ve still got ‘em;  only we “imagine” the absolute worst in life!!  If our loved one doesn’t show up at just the time they are expected, we “imagine” that they’ve been in a horrible accident.  If a friend isn’t in much of a chatty mood, we “imagine” that they are mad at us and worry about what we did to offend them.  If we get called into the bosses’ office, we “imagine” that we are getting fired.  If the Skylab is falling out of the sky, we “imagine” that its gonna fall on us!  (Yes, that last one really could have happened!!)

Why did we let our imaginations get so negative? 

I’m not sure but I don’t like it!  Not one bit!!

So for today, just get on your purple horse…………………..and RIDE!


What I Ate

I’ve noticed in some of the blogs I follow that the blogger will, at least one day a week, share what they’ve eaten that day (or weekend).  For those who know me well, you know this is right up my alley!!  Not for the food so much as for the simple fact that I’m nosy!!! 

I’ve always been interested in the smallest, most mundane and irrelevant details.  The Mr. HATES this about me!!!  I interrupt most of his stories trying to find out who said what, who exactly was there to hear it, what they were wearing and where everyone was standing. 

It’s a sickness, really.

So I figure I’m not the only one with that “need to know” so I thought I’d share WHAT I ATE. 

Yesterday after church, the Mr. and I stopped at Frisch’s for breakfast/lunch.  He ALWAYS gets breakfast and I most always get lunch! 

So here’s what I ate:



Oh yeah…………it was a hot fudge cake…………and it was good!!! 

I even shared part of it with the Mr. (so you know it must be love ; Mish don’t share food!!!) 🙂

What did you eat today?


Bent But Not Broken

I have several “addictions” (or so I’ve been told!):

  • Mt. Dew
  • Food Network
  • Pioneer Woman’s website
  • Baths
  • Nasal spray (though I’ll deny this one all day long!)

But my biggest addiction is TV!!  I have loved TV since I was a little kid.  Not just the shows but the commercials!!!  LOVE ‘em!!!  Unfortunately, the Mr. is in a habit of muting all commercials so that’s been a hardship on me.

My parents tell me that as a small child, I would be playing in another room and as soon as commercials came on, I’d run in front of the TV and watch the commercials and then go back to playing when the show resumed.  I have this weird ability to remember bizarre and obscure commercials from way back in the day!  A skill I have never found much use for, by the way! 🙂

One show our family watched was The Carol Burnett Show.  It was just so funny!!!!  I loved it especially when the actors would get cracked up!  Who can forget Carol Burnett as Scarlett O’Hara with the curtain rod sticking out of her shoulders!!  Too funny!!!  And remember the sketches about Mr. Tudball and his secretary, Mrs. Wiggins???  It was always so funny when Mrs. Wiggins would get up out of her chair in those tight clothes and walk with her body all bent over!  That walk was so stinkin’ funny!!

This weekend the Mr. & I worked on the Mahal moving the rest of our boxes and getting things unpacked and put away.  Of course we had excellent helpers!!!  Remember………….it takes a village!!  We even went back to the house on Sunday (he and I) and got more done than I thought we would!  What a great feeling of accomplishment!! 

Of course, I still had to go back to the parent’s house and get our laundry done for the week.  Thankfully, Mom fixed supper………gourmet hotdogs!!  A McLean favorite!!!  We sat and visited and talked about all we had accomplished, all that we needed to do this coming week, and just talked about “stuff”.

 So I finally got up from the table and started to clear the table.  But much to my dismay my poor old body betrayed me!!!!  I was walking just like Mrs. Wiggins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And my clothes weren’t even tight!!!  I was wearing my baggy, its-laundry-day sweats!!!  I think it took me about 20 minutes for my body to finally get straightened up!!!

Getting old stinks!!!


Live Long and Prosper

I have a friend, Cara, who is a huge Star Trek fan.  The rest of our group could not understand the attraction to the franchise so when I married John, Cara was super excited to FINALLY have another trekkie in our midst.

The first year we were married, Cara came up to NY to visit.  I thought at the time it was because she missed me, her dear friend.  But later I wondered if it wasn’t because the new Star Trek movie, Nemesis, had just been released and she wanted a buddy (John, not me!) to see it with.  Reluctantly, I joined John, Cara, both our boys, our friend, Mike, and his then-girlfriend, Tracy, to see a movie which held no interest for me.  I think I just agreed to go for the popcorn!!!

So the movie starts and I have no clue who anybody is or what in the world they are talking about.  The thing that struck me was how the audience was so into the show that they laughed, they cried, and I even heard a lady gasp and say “oh no!”.  Of course, I find all this hysterical and I think John had to shhh me a couple of times as I giggled at the behavior of these supposed adults.

Well, I made it through the movie then it was off to dinner to DISCUSS!!!  Are you kidding????  For once I had nothing to say!!!  Well, not nothing………….I did make fun of all the geeks I had just spent 2 hours with (especially the gasp-y lady!!).

But then a weird thing happened. 

I’m not even sure when or how but I started watching Star Trek with John.  Maybe it was that I was so in love with my new husband that I agreed to watch or maybe it was that I knew if I watched I would have something to bribe him with the next time I wanted to listen to Greater Vision or the Booth Brothers in the car!  Nevertheless, we borrowed the first season of Star Trek Next Generation from Mike and every night we would go to bed and watch an episode.  And slowly, after watching seven (SEVEN) seasons, I found that I was sad to see the show come to an end.  Weird, right???  So of course, we had to watch the Next Generation movies. 

Then it was on to Deep Space Nine, Voyager (my personal favorite), and Enterprise.  All told, we had watched 26 seasons of Star Trek in one form or another, as well as ALL the Star Trek movies!!  That’s a lot of Trek!!!

But it doesn’t end there!!!!  In 2009 a new Star Trek movie (a prequel) was coming out!!  The Trek world was all atwitter and my loving husband had a grand plan!!!  To prepare his newly-geeked wife to see the new film, he MUST get her ready by watching, you guessed it, THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!!!!  Yep……we went back to Captain Kirk in 1966 and watched all 3 seasons! 

But I was ready!  By the time the prequel came out, I knew every character and all their quirks, and surprise, surprise, I found myself in the theater laughing at all the jokes, with tears in my eyes at times, and even gasping a time or two! 

Its official……………..I’M A TREKKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And a new movie is coming out in 2013!!!  Can’t wait!!!! 

Thanks, Cara……………………. I blame you!!!  🙂


Romance is in the Air!

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. 

At least I hope that is the case because it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. 

Sorry for the disappearing act but “life happens”! 

While trying to get some stuff moved into the Mahal, I came down with a cold or something and am just today feeling more like my old self!  Emphasis on the “old”!!  🙂

As you all know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  Now John and I aren’t really a very mushy couple but any excuse to go out to eat…….I’m all over that!!!  So last night we went to Carino’s and it was WONDERFUL!!!

 But the Valentine celebration REALLY started last Friday…………….

My husband picked me up for lunch on Friday but first we went Valentine shopping……………for TOILETS!!   YEP…………good ole commode shopping!  What every girl dreams of!!

We’re so romantic!  🙂

Now before you judge our concept of romance, let me explain WHY we were toilet shopping:

As you know, the Mahal was built in 1960 and in keeping with the look of the 60’s the builder used pink accessories in the hall bathroom and sea foam green in the master bathroom!  LOVELY!  So we’re working on the pink bathroom now and will eventually get to the green one. 

Thankfully the pink isn’t too bright but with the pink sink and the pink tub and the pink tile trim, it was a bit much!!  So the first thing to go was the pink sink.  GONE!  And since I can live with the pink tub and tile, the toilet is the next to go!!

Of course, having never shopped for toilets (and really, who does?!?!?!?!) I had NO IDEA how expensive that one necessity can be!  And to make matters worse, our toilets in both bathrooms are wall-mounted.  I had never seen a wall-mounted toilet in a residential property and apparently they are not very common these days, as we found out when shopping for one! 

Now you may be thinking to yourself “why not just keep the pink toilet and put a nice white seat cover on it? “  Very valid question.  Unfortunately, the seat is kind of squared off and not a common round or even oblong shape so finding a seat cover is a little difficult.

 Here’s a picture (remember, the room is a work in progress so very much a mess!):


And to make matters worse, here’s the inside:


YEP…………..thats a shark!!!!! 

Now I’ve learned over the years that I can learn to live with a lot of things.  I don’t have to have the latest and greatest to be perfectly happy and content. 

But I just cannot bring myself to sit on a shark face!!!  NO CHANCE!!

So today I’m ordering the new toilet……… matter what it costs!!  🙂

(Oh, and before you ask, John DID take me to lunch after the shopping!  What a guy!!)


Meet The Fierces

Today I want to introduce you to my Fierce friends:

Annette, Erica, Dawn, Mish, Jane & Kathy

I met these girls when I moved to NY and started working at Lake Shore Hospital. 

We didn’t start out Fierce but as our “family” grew, I guess we just got “fiercer”!!  🙂

It all started with Jane; the pretty red-head and momma of the group.  As she was starting a new phase of her life, her daughters told her she was “fierce” so her official new name became Ginger Fierce!!  And she is indeed!!!!  She protects her Fierces with all that is within her!!

Next is Erica, Diva Fierce!  She’s the blonde beauty who makes all the boys swoon but can belch with the best of ‘em!!!!  She’s the stereotypical blonde but has a heart of gold!!

Kathy is the “pretty one” and she became Xena Fierce.  She’s one tough cookie and can work the farm keeping up with ANY man and then make the prettiest and neatest crafts you’ve ever seen!  Amazing!

And Dawn…..I won’t go into how she came to her name but we call her Kinky Fierce!  She is the life of the party!!  ANY party!  She’s a hoot and a half!!  And she has a language all her own!  Can you say “holyhonkinheywhoha”?????

Annette is the newest Fierce and still to my knowledge has no official name.  We’ve got to remedy that REAL soon!  To see Annette at the office you’d think she was a proper, refined lady; but run into her at Wal-Mart and you’ll see her riding a bike down the aisles!!!  She just makes me laugh!!

And then there’s me……………….Spunky Fierce!  It took a long time to come up with my name cause I’m the marshmellowiest of all the Fierces!!  Until one day when my boss jumped down my throat and for once I stood up for myself!  I’ve been Spunky ever since!!!

So that’s our little Fierce Family!! 

They are without exception as lovely on the inside as they are on the outside and I’m thankful to be a part of this band of crazy women!!  

We’re all so different and are from such different backgrounds and we don’t always see eye to eye, but when we’re together, we just laugh a lot!! 

I love and miss these chicks so much and can’t wait to see them again! 

We are sisters…………we are FIERCE!!