KY Wildlife

Since moving in with my parents who live just out of town, we’ve seen lots of wildlife.  There is a blue heron that fishes in our neighbors pond, turtles that sunbathe on the banks of that pond, a HUGE turkey who thinks he’s always invited to the gathering when your outside (he is NOT!!), and now we’ve seen (and smelled) some skunks!!!  Oh yes, I also saw a vulture-looking bird up in a tree up the road (kinda close to the smushed skunk…….coincidence?? I think not!!!)

This is the wildlife I’m used to:


Can you imagine if this guy got sprayed by a skunk?????  Not good!!  So we’ve been very cautious this week so that he doesn’t try to make friends with a smelly skunk!

But I think the wildlife I’m the most leary of by far is the crazy neighbor next door who just this week was out chasing the gigantic turkey and throwing a beer bottle at it!!!  Don’t know what kinda crazy bird HE is but since I work with him I’ll just not mention names!!  But I sure do wish I had a video to share with you!!! 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on any more wildlife sightings!  You gotta love it!




3 thoughts on “KY Wildlife

  1. hey that turkey is me and i am welcome! fierce up and throw a bottle back at the neighbor. you are supposed to have my back!

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