Old Habits Die Hard

When I was a kid, Mom would leave us a list of chores that were to be done by the time she came home from work.  Mom was big on lists!!!  Anyway, when we got home from school, we changed out of our school clothes then did NOT work on the list!!  At least I didn’t.  I would always wait until the last minute.  Shocking, right?!?!?!?! 

And by the last minute, this is what I mean………..

Our house sat at the top of a dead end street.  At the time, we thought the hill we lived on was soooooo big but really……not so much.  We were, however, high enough that if you looked out the living room window, you could see the hill on the next street and you could spot Mom coming home!!!!  Thats when things really started to move!!!!!  The list became all important!!  I would rush around and even if I didn’t get my chores DONE I could at least be seen WORKING on them!  🙂  And I’m sure Mom was none the wiser……….right, Mom??

Fastforward 30+ years and I’m back to the same old routine!  See, Mom & Dad have been out in Arizona visiting my brother & his family and they are coming home tonight.  So last night I’m working like a madman trying to get my chores done!!!!!  Now before you start thinking that Mom left her 44-year-old daughter a list of chores, let me tell you these are self-imposed chores!  I just couldn’t let her come home to a wreck!  Also, before you start thinking what a wonderful person I am, these chores did not include dusting or vacuuming!!  Especially since her vacuum is sitting in the Mahal (still not moved in!) so I was just picking up and straighening from our wild weekend of Guitar Hero!  (Sorry Dad………..your house has heard more rock music this weekend than its ever heard in all its existence!)

But I’m glad they are coming home and I’m glad I got the chores done. 

Well, mostly done……………..still a few things to do right before we meet them at the airport! 

What do you expect?????  Old habaits die hard!  🙂

Have a blessed day!



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