I Got Nothin’

Last night the weary travelers (Mom & Dad) flew in from Arizona.  John and I went to Louisville to pick them up.   Their flight landed around 10:30 pm and so we waited in the area on the upper level so we would be sure to see them as soon as they came out of the secure area. 

I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to the airport at that time of night before but let me tell you, it is NOT a happ’nin’ place!!  All the shops were closed, very few people were waiting for loved-ones and there was only one lone security guard.  So when a cluster of people starting coming out into the waiting area, we all (and by all I mean around 5 waiters/watchers) sat up a little straighter craning our necks for that first glimpse of our nearest and dearest.  After a steady stream of passengers came and went, it was beginning to look like the folks had decided to extend their visit. 

At long last I catch sight of them!!  Man, do I wish I had a picture to share!!!  Here are these two, looking oh so stylish and fresh as daisies after sitting on an airplane for hours!!!  How do they do that???  Whenever I’ve flown anywhere I look like a hobo thats been riding the rails for the last six months!!! 

So we get their luggage, walk the 3 miles to the car then talk just as hard as we can back to Frankfort!!!  We got home about midnight to a very unhappy dog who was ready to play!!!

The moral of the story is………..I’m tired today!!!  I’m about to fall asleep!!!  And I got nothin’ to say!!! 

Maybe I’ll have something tomorrow………who knows!  🙂



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