Romance is in the Air!

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. 

At least I hope that is the case because it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. 

Sorry for the disappearing act but “life happens”! 

While trying to get some stuff moved into the Mahal, I came down with a cold or something and am just today feeling more like my old self!  Emphasis on the “old”!!  🙂

As you all know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  Now John and I aren’t really a very mushy couple but any excuse to go out to eat…….I’m all over that!!!  So last night we went to Carino’s and it was WONDERFUL!!!

 But the Valentine celebration REALLY started last Friday…………….

My husband picked me up for lunch on Friday but first we went Valentine shopping……………for TOILETS!!   YEP…………good ole commode shopping!  What every girl dreams of!!

We’re so romantic!  🙂

Now before you judge our concept of romance, let me explain WHY we were toilet shopping:

As you know, the Mahal was built in 1960 and in keeping with the look of the 60’s the builder used pink accessories in the hall bathroom and sea foam green in the master bathroom!  LOVELY!  So we’re working on the pink bathroom now and will eventually get to the green one. 

Thankfully the pink isn’t too bright but with the pink sink and the pink tub and the pink tile trim, it was a bit much!!  So the first thing to go was the pink sink.  GONE!  And since I can live with the pink tub and tile, the toilet is the next to go!!

Of course, having never shopped for toilets (and really, who does?!?!?!?!) I had NO IDEA how expensive that one necessity can be!  And to make matters worse, our toilets in both bathrooms are wall-mounted.  I had never seen a wall-mounted toilet in a residential property and apparently they are not very common these days, as we found out when shopping for one! 

Now you may be thinking to yourself “why not just keep the pink toilet and put a nice white seat cover on it? “  Very valid question.  Unfortunately, the seat is kind of squared off and not a common round or even oblong shape so finding a seat cover is a little difficult.

 Here’s a picture (remember, the room is a work in progress so very much a mess!):


And to make matters worse, here’s the inside:


YEP…………..thats a shark!!!!! 

Now I’ve learned over the years that I can learn to live with a lot of things.  I don’t have to have the latest and greatest to be perfectly happy and content. 

But I just cannot bring myself to sit on a shark face!!!  NO CHANCE!!

So today I’m ordering the new toilet……… matter what it costs!!  🙂

(Oh, and before you ask, John DID take me to lunch after the shopping!  What a guy!!)



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