Live Long and Prosper

I have a friend, Cara, who is a huge Star Trek fan.  The rest of our group could not understand the attraction to the franchise so when I married John, Cara was super excited to FINALLY have another trekkie in our midst.

The first year we were married, Cara came up to NY to visit.  I thought at the time it was because she missed me, her dear friend.  But later I wondered if it wasn’t because the new Star Trek movie, Nemesis, had just been released and she wanted a buddy (John, not me!) to see it with.  Reluctantly, I joined John, Cara, both our boys, our friend, Mike, and his then-girlfriend, Tracy, to see a movie which held no interest for me.  I think I just agreed to go for the popcorn!!!

So the movie starts and I have no clue who anybody is or what in the world they are talking about.  The thing that struck me was how the audience was so into the show that they laughed, they cried, and I even heard a lady gasp and say “oh no!”.  Of course, I find all this hysterical and I think John had to shhh me a couple of times as I giggled at the behavior of these supposed adults.

Well, I made it through the movie then it was off to dinner to DISCUSS!!!  Are you kidding????  For once I had nothing to say!!!  Well, not nothing………….I did make fun of all the geeks I had just spent 2 hours with (especially the gasp-y lady!!).

But then a weird thing happened. 

I’m not even sure when or how but I started watching Star Trek with John.  Maybe it was that I was so in love with my new husband that I agreed to watch or maybe it was that I knew if I watched I would have something to bribe him with the next time I wanted to listen to Greater Vision or the Booth Brothers in the car!  Nevertheless, we borrowed the first season of Star Trek Next Generation from Mike and every night we would go to bed and watch an episode.  And slowly, after watching seven (SEVEN) seasons, I found that I was sad to see the show come to an end.  Weird, right???  So of course, we had to watch the Next Generation movies. 

Then it was on to Deep Space Nine, Voyager (my personal favorite), and Enterprise.  All told, we had watched 26 seasons of Star Trek in one form or another, as well as ALL the Star Trek movies!!  That’s a lot of Trek!!!

But it doesn’t end there!!!!  In 2009 a new Star Trek movie (a prequel) was coming out!!  The Trek world was all atwitter and my loving husband had a grand plan!!!  To prepare his newly-geeked wife to see the new film, he MUST get her ready by watching, you guessed it, THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!!!!  Yep……we went back to Captain Kirk in 1966 and watched all 3 seasons! 

But I was ready!  By the time the prequel came out, I knew every character and all their quirks, and surprise, surprise, I found myself in the theater laughing at all the jokes, with tears in my eyes at times, and even gasping a time or two! 

Its official……………..I’M A TREKKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And a new movie is coming out in 2013!!!  Can’t wait!!!! 

Thanks, Cara……………………. I blame you!!!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Live Long and Prosper

  1. First of all, I went to NY to see you…seeing the movie with a trekkie was just an added bonus 🙂 Can’t wait to see it next year with you both in KY!

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