Bent But Not Broken

I have several “addictions” (or so I’ve been told!):

  • Mt. Dew
  • Food Network
  • Pioneer Woman’s website
  • Baths
  • Nasal spray (though I’ll deny this one all day long!)

But my biggest addiction is TV!!  I have loved TV since I was a little kid.  Not just the shows but the commercials!!!  LOVE ‘em!!!  Unfortunately, the Mr. is in a habit of muting all commercials so that’s been a hardship on me.

My parents tell me that as a small child, I would be playing in another room and as soon as commercials came on, I’d run in front of the TV and watch the commercials and then go back to playing when the show resumed.  I have this weird ability to remember bizarre and obscure commercials from way back in the day!  A skill I have never found much use for, by the way! 🙂

One show our family watched was The Carol Burnett Show.  It was just so funny!!!!  I loved it especially when the actors would get cracked up!  Who can forget Carol Burnett as Scarlett O’Hara with the curtain rod sticking out of her shoulders!!  Too funny!!!  And remember the sketches about Mr. Tudball and his secretary, Mrs. Wiggins???  It was always so funny when Mrs. Wiggins would get up out of her chair in those tight clothes and walk with her body all bent over!  That walk was so stinkin’ funny!!

This weekend the Mr. & I worked on the Mahal moving the rest of our boxes and getting things unpacked and put away.  Of course we had excellent helpers!!!  Remember………….it takes a village!!  We even went back to the house on Sunday (he and I) and got more done than I thought we would!  What a great feeling of accomplishment!! 

Of course, I still had to go back to the parent’s house and get our laundry done for the week.  Thankfully, Mom fixed supper………gourmet hotdogs!!  A McLean favorite!!!  We sat and visited and talked about all we had accomplished, all that we needed to do this coming week, and just talked about “stuff”.

 So I finally got up from the table and started to clear the table.  But much to my dismay my poor old body betrayed me!!!!  I was walking just like Mrs. Wiggins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And my clothes weren’t even tight!!!  I was wearing my baggy, its-laundry-day sweats!!!  I think it took me about 20 minutes for my body to finally get straightened up!!!

Getting old stinks!!!



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