I Can Only Imagine

Don’t you just love to watch little kids play?  I’m amazed at the things they can think up to do.

Take for instance my niece, Belle.  The other night at the house, I looked down at the bottom of the stairs and there she was laying spread eagle on the floor!  I asked what she was doing and she said she was sliding down the stairs……………on a piece of foam!!!!  She wasn’t hurt really but I thought it was funny how she looked at that foam and “imagined” a sled!!!

I used to play like that. 

In our neighborhood, there weren’t many kids our age so my sisters and I just had each other.  We loved playing outside, which was a good thing since Mom would get tired of us in the house and send us out with strict instructions to “stay out” until supper-time!! 

One fun thing we would do is play church.  I’m not sure how fun it was for my sisters but for me, it was awesome!  That’s because I was the song leader, the preacher and I also did the baptizing!!!!  They were just the congregation (boring!).  And I baptized those girls just as often as I could!!  Mostly in the wading pool we had during the summer but also I could baptize on the bed! 

How, you ask??  Easy………..just stand on the bed, proclaim to baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, then push them over until they did the “Nestea plunge” on the bed!!  It was big fun………until Mom came to find out what the loud “crash” was!!!  We were always breaking stuff!!! 

When I was a kid I had a purple bike.  I LOVED that bike.  Here is a picture of a similar bike:

Mine was even more awesome!!! 

And boy did we have lots of fun with our bikes back then!  We lived on a dead-end street so we could ride down the street a little ways and up our driveway without getting run over.  One day we decided to race on our bikes.  Of course, me being me, I had to name my horse.  I called him “Peetah”.  Now for those of you who can’t understand my English accent, his name was “Peter”!!!! 

Why the English accent????  I have NO idea!!!

I would smack at the backside of my “horse” and shout “Run, Peetah, run”!! 

My sisters still tease me about this…………….30+ years later!!!!

I don’t know why our imaginations change as we get older.  We’ve still got ‘em;  only we “imagine” the absolute worst in life!!  If our loved one doesn’t show up at just the time they are expected, we “imagine” that they’ve been in a horrible accident.  If a friend isn’t in much of a chatty mood, we “imagine” that they are mad at us and worry about what we did to offend them.  If we get called into the bosses’ office, we “imagine” that we are getting fired.  If the Skylab is falling out of the sky, we “imagine” that its gonna fall on us!  (Yes, that last one really could have happened!!)

Why did we let our imaginations get so negative? 

I’m not sure but I don’t like it!  Not one bit!!

So for today, just get on your purple horse…………………..and RIDE!



2 thoughts on “I Can Only Imagine

  1. I had one of those horses….(big surprise, right?) No, really, before I got the real thing. It was Light blue with white flowers on it! Handed down by my cousin. I called her Blue. I know it wasn’t very original name, but I fell of Blue more often than the real ones!
    keep ’em comin’, Mish! I love these blogs.

  2. I lost my big toenail to that stupid purple horse!! Yours was nowhere near as tall as the one in the picture. You would have needed a stepladder just to mount it.

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