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What I Ate……………What I Wore

A couple of weeks ago, the Mr. and I tried out a new place for lunch.  Well, the “place” isn’t new; we’ve just never been there before!

Anyway, the restaurant is Qdoba Mexican Grill and they serve, surprisingly enough, Mexican food, which we could eat every ding-dong day!!  LOVE IT!

It’s kind of a weird place in that its warehouse-y feeling and since I’m so elderly, I had a hard time hearing the little kids they have working there.  I kept having to lean in and say “I’m sorry, what was that again??” 

I finally ordered 3-cheese nachos and a quesadilla.  It was all very good!!!

Here’s a pic:


And here’s a picture of the stain on my shirt afterwards:


Oh yes, I spilled!!

I ALWAYS spill.

Unfortunately we had plans to go to the movie and out for dinner that same night RIGHT AFTER WORK with my sisters, brother-in-law and niece and I knew I wouldn’t have time to go home and change.  So I e-mailed them all and asked if they would be embarrassed by my stain!

To which my sister replied, “How would we recognize you without a stain?”

Gotta love sisters!!!!!  🙂


Isn’t that what you told me, Mom?!?!?! 

That you HAVE to love them???? 

Just checking!!

Until next time,



I’m Back!!!

Sorry that I’ve been MIA for a while.  We’ve been having computer difficulties and I haven’t been able to get on the internet.  YIKES!!!!

But it’s all better now and, boy, do I have lots to say!!!  Shocking, I know!!

Let’s start with the Big Game Hunt:

So yesterday morning after the Mr. took his shower, he asked me if I had seen the big spider in the bathroom.  Of course, I’m thinking “Did you HEAR me scream?????”   Apparently I did not see it!

And being old like I am, I completely forgot about it. 

Until this morning!!!!

I start to jump in the shower this morning and I suddenly remember the spider!!!

Ok…………I didn’t actually jump! 

I don’t jump. 

Or run. 

Or move quickly in any way, shape, form or fashion!!!

I look up and right there on the ceiling above the showerhead is a ginormous spider!!!!  He’s mostly legs but still pretty creepy!!

Now, this is one of those times when being vertically challenged is a disadvantage!!  There was NO WAY I could reach that yucky thing, even with the back-scrubber-thing!!  I started to climb up on the side of the tub to see if I could get it but remember, I was on my way INTO the shower so all I could think of was the poor soul who would find my lifeless body crumpled in the tub and would then have to gouge their eyes out!!!!!

So I was brave………….and took the fastest shower on record!!!!

When I went back to the bedroom to get the dog, I hear a voice out of the darkness asking “Did you kill the spider??”  Did I mention that the Mr. hates spiders as much as I do????  Where is Andrew when we need him???  He’s tall AND not afraid to kill a spider!!!  Boy, do I miss that kid!

Anyway, I decided that I would be brave and, in order to protect my loved one, I got a broom and sent that menacing creature to meet his maker!!!

Unfortunately for the Mr., because of my hunting expedition, there was no time to fix our lunches so he gets to take me out at lunch!!!

See………it’s a win, win for everyone!

Well, maybe not the spider.



Enough is Enough

When I was a kid, we had the coolest Barbie playhouse.  It was from the 1960s and I’m sure Mom got it at a garage sale somewhere. 

Or maybe from someone’s garbage.  She was a good “recycler”!!!  Though usually she sent us kids to grab the goods!!  🙂

Anyway, that Barbie house was awesome.  It had a console stereo with fake albums and everything!!!  I found some pictures online and it sure brought back memories:






The best thing about this house was that it folded up and looked like a suitcase:




So one day, I had enough!!!  Enough of living in a house full of people, enough of never getting my own way, enough of a bossy big sister, enough of a spoiled little sister, enough of being a middle child, ENOUGH!!!!!!

I’m not sure how old I was but I’m thinking it was before my little brother was born so that would make me younger than 9-years-old.   Of course, if you ask my sisters (the aforementioned bossy & spoiled ones) they would say I was a teenager but don’t believe that!!!  They’re memories are terrible, bless their hearts.

On this day of enough, I packed my suitcase-looking Barbie house with all my worldly goods and started out on my own to face the cold, cruel world!!  I went down the driveway and started down our street determined to get away from all my troubles!!!

About halfway down our street, I turned and went back home.  What, you may ask, could possibly turn me around??????

Mom yelled, “Lunch”!!!!!

Whats a girl to do???  She’s gotta eat!!

That was the first and last time I ever ran away from home!!  🙂



Surprise, Surprise, I Can See It In Your Eyes!!

Every now and then, something comes along to totally change your perspective on life.

I recently had such an experience that not only surprised me but, if you know me at all, will surprise you too!!

My niece’s favorite restaurant is a place called Johnny Carino’s.  This has been her favorite since she was a little fella, about 3 years old.  People would ask where her favorite place to eat is and, expecting a kid to say McDonald’s, would be totally shocked when she quickly answered “Johnny Carino’s”!!  I mean, she wouldn’t even HESITATE!!!  That girl knows what she likes!

So of course when we moved to Frankfort, the Mr. and I had to try it out.  And NO surprise, we loved it too!!!  And it didn’t take me long to get in an ordering rut either!!! 

At Valentine’s, the Mr. and I had a very romantic early-bird supper at Carino’s around 4:30 in the afternoon.  We’re so old!!! 🙂 I was hankerin’ for a good steak and the only one on Carino’s menu is the Italian Flat Iron Steak. 

Let me tell you…………that meal changed the way I eat…………at least at Carino’s!!!

It’s a wonderful steak COVERED with mushrooms and a delicious gorgonzola sauce.  Served with it are superb roasted potatoes (yes, I said superb!) and the most fantastic green beans you’ll ever put in your mouth!!!

We went there last Sunday night and guess what I ordered????  Yep!

Here’s a pic: 

I'm in love!!!! 🙂

Notice the small gap on the bean side of the plate.  I had already started scarfing down the beans before I thought to take a picture!!!  Man, are they good beans!!!

Andd therein lies the change.

I’m faced with a plate of steak smothered in cheese-y goodness along with my all-favorite food (potatoes) and what do I start with????  Beans????  Are you kidding me??????

Yes, they are THAT good!!!

So the next time you find yourself in Carino’s, be SURE to order a side of green beans! 

You’ll love ‘em!!


Zombies R Us

I have no idea whose crazy idea it was to “spring forward” but it’s for the birds!!!

And not “normal” birds but crazy, loony, coo-coo birds!!!!

I have spent the entire day just barely on my feet and cannot comprehend even the simplest thing!

Now you may be thinking “that sounds like every day!” but let me assure you it is much worse today!!!

It’s like when the Mr. tries to explain the way a computer works.  Or when he tries to explain insurance to me.  Or MATH!!!!

That’s it…………..MATH!!!  I have the same dumb look on my face as when I’m faced with Math in any form!!!!

And today of all days, Math once again reared its ugly head!!!!

A lady came to the office to look up some properties and she copied some property cards.  Then she asked me for a receipt.  Now I’m more than capable of giving someone a receipt.  I’ve done it many, many times.  But she handed me a check for $6.00 and asked for a receipt.

And that’s when Math bit me in the hiney!!!  If she made $6 worth of copies which are a quarter each, how many copies did she make?????

Don’t panic………….…you can do this…………………….but she’s standing right there………..…..…WATCHING me struggle!!!!! 

Now, I could have just asked her how many copies she had but I was too busy trying to count on my fingers without her KNOWING I was counting on my fingers!!!!!

But never fear!!!  I conquered Math once again!!! 

And even though I’m one of the walking dead today, I confidently made out her receipt for 27 copies!! 😉


The Story of Us

Today I thought I’d share with you a little about my family. 

Most of you who know me, already know that the Mr. and I met online in 1998.  He was a single dad with two young boys in Western NY and I was living 500 miles away in the great state of KY.  We dated long distance for 5 years and then decided it was time to get hitched!!!

And so I moved, lock, stock & barrel to Silver Creek, NY.

I really didn’t have a barrel. 

Or stock to speak of. 

And of course I had nothing worth locking up so I guess I just MOVED!

Anyway, I arrived in NY with all kinds of Brady Bunch-ish ideas in my head.  The thing is that the Brady Bunch doesn’t show you the WHOLE story of this blended family.  

For instance, did you ever see the episode where one of the girls falls into the toilet because the seat was up??? 

Me neither! 

Did you ever see the one where the boys constantly call each other “monkey breath” until the parents want to pull their own hair out????   

Me neither!!

Or what about the one where one of the boys throws himself onto the floor in a heap because he doesn’t want to take a shower?????


I guess the Brady Bunch wasn’t such a good preparation for living with a bunch of men but you know what??????

I wouldn’t trade a MOMENT for one of those episodes!!!!! 

It’s been a crazy, wild, confusing (at times), wonderful, amazing and FUN ride in the Z family and I’m so thankful that they allowed me to share their lives!!!











And FINALLY a few years back, I even got lucky enough that our oldest brought another female into our mix by marrying a wonderful, crazy, amazing and fun girl so that I wouldn’t be so outnumbered!!!!



And now, 10 years later, the Mr. and I have an empty nest and have started this new adventure in the Promised Land.  So what’s first on the agenda????? 

Convincing the kids to move here with us!!!

Come on………….you’ll love it!!!  🙂


The Eyes Have It

Lately the Mr. has been busting his buttons. 

Now normally I would take that to mean he’s extremely proud of something (probably not me!).  Or I guess you could think he’s a little too big for his britches (for you Yankees reading this, that means his pants!) 🙂

But his britches are fine and in this case I mean he is literally busting buttons off his winter coat!!!! 

The first one came off and he found it in the back of the truck and then another came off the other day.  Now I wasn’t too worried about it since I THOUGHT spring was right around the corner!

But, oh no!!!!  We woke up yesterday with 6 inches of snow on the ground!!!  Was I suddenly back in the Frozen Tundra???  Hence, he was very concerned that his buttons get re-attached, posthaste!

After work he mentioned the buttons for probably the millionth time (I stopped counting after 1) and then said the magic words…………do you think your mom can fix this for me??????

Well, that did it!!!  How could I let my mom take care of my poor, cold husband while I just sat around eating bon-bons????? 

(That’s what the Mr. thinks I do all day!!)

So got a needle & thread (after I asked Mom where one was…I’m not completely helpless….just almost!) and went to work on the buttons.

That’s when I hit a snag!!! 

I haven’t threaded a needle in apparently a very long time!  When did they start making the eye of the needle so stinkin’ small?????  Even with my glasses I had NO CHANCE of getting the thread in this silly needle!

So once again…………MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And she did it for me!  Maybe I AM completely helpless!?!

Short story long, I got the buttons sewed back on the coat and even tightened up the other loose-feeling buttons so they wouldn’t pop off.

Of course, today the Mr. told me the buttons were a little too tight!

Beggars, choosers…………. it all worked out!! 🙂