Size Matters

What a week!!!

Did ya’ll even notice that I’ve been gone????  Probably not but here I am again!  🙂

I’ve spent the last week in a riveting class on Tangible Personal Property!!!  Aren’t you jealous??  I even got to take a test!  BIG FUN!!!  But I passed so that’s all I care about!!

Earlier in the week, the Mr. and I went to lunch at a local fast-food joint.  I wanted a value meal but asked for a small fry and drink!  When the order came up on the screen, the order was for “medium”.

So I immediately nagged the Mr. (which is my usual MO) to tell them I wanted “small”.  When he (the dutiful husband) told them, we were informed that there is no “small” and “medium” is the smallest they have.

Here’s my issue: 

If “medium” is the smallest you have of something, then “medium” IS INDEED “small”!!!!!!!  How can something be “medium” if there is no “small” or “large”?????

So I guess that makes “medium” small, “large” medium, “jumbo” large; so what in the Sam Hill is the new JUMBO??????? 

What’s bigger than “jumbo”????????????

And who thinks of these things???  Is there a job out there for this kind of stuff? 

‘Cause it sure sounds more interesting than Tangible Personal Property!!!

Just sayin’!



One thought on “Size Matters

  1. Back in the “good old days” small was, “piddly”, medium was, “middlin” or “tollable” and large was “a right smart”. There was no jumbo since you couldn’t get any bigger than “a right smart”. There was no controversy since everybody knew which was which and we had better things to do than ponder such.
    Just sayin back,

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