The Eyes Have It

Lately the Mr. has been busting his buttons. 

Now normally I would take that to mean he’s extremely proud of something (probably not me!).  Or I guess you could think he’s a little too big for his britches (for you Yankees reading this, that means his pants!) 🙂

But his britches are fine and in this case I mean he is literally busting buttons off his winter coat!!!! 

The first one came off and he found it in the back of the truck and then another came off the other day.  Now I wasn’t too worried about it since I THOUGHT spring was right around the corner!

But, oh no!!!!  We woke up yesterday with 6 inches of snow on the ground!!!  Was I suddenly back in the Frozen Tundra???  Hence, he was very concerned that his buttons get re-attached, posthaste!

After work he mentioned the buttons for probably the millionth time (I stopped counting after 1) and then said the magic words…………do you think your mom can fix this for me??????

Well, that did it!!!  How could I let my mom take care of my poor, cold husband while I just sat around eating bon-bons????? 

(That’s what the Mr. thinks I do all day!!)

So got a needle & thread (after I asked Mom where one was…I’m not completely helpless….just almost!) and went to work on the buttons.

That’s when I hit a snag!!! 

I haven’t threaded a needle in apparently a very long time!  When did they start making the eye of the needle so stinkin’ small?????  Even with my glasses I had NO CHANCE of getting the thread in this silly needle!

So once again…………MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And she did it for me!  Maybe I AM completely helpless!?!

Short story long, I got the buttons sewed back on the coat and even tightened up the other loose-feeling buttons so they wouldn’t pop off.

Of course, today the Mr. told me the buttons were a little too tight!

Beggars, choosers…………. it all worked out!! 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. Good job, Mish. I had no idea you knew how to sew on a button! Anyway, tell The Mr. not to be so picky. If our blond-headed sister had been his wife, she’d have just gone out and bought him a new coat! He would not have been happy about that extra expense!!

  2. Bungee Cord that sucker… he will have plenty of room to expand… or just come visit us out here for the rest of the month and you won’t need a bloomin coat!

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