The Story of Us

Today I thought I’d share with you a little about my family. 

Most of you who know me, already know that the Mr. and I met online in 1998.  He was a single dad with two young boys in Western NY and I was living 500 miles away in the great state of KY.  We dated long distance for 5 years and then decided it was time to get hitched!!!

And so I moved, lock, stock & barrel to Silver Creek, NY.

I really didn’t have a barrel. 

Or stock to speak of. 

And of course I had nothing worth locking up so I guess I just MOVED!

Anyway, I arrived in NY with all kinds of Brady Bunch-ish ideas in my head.  The thing is that the Brady Bunch doesn’t show you the WHOLE story of this blended family.  

For instance, did you ever see the episode where one of the girls falls into the toilet because the seat was up??? 

Me neither! 

Did you ever see the one where the boys constantly call each other “monkey breath” until the parents want to pull their own hair out????   

Me neither!!

Or what about the one where one of the boys throws himself onto the floor in a heap because he doesn’t want to take a shower?????


I guess the Brady Bunch wasn’t such a good preparation for living with a bunch of men but you know what??????

I wouldn’t trade a MOMENT for one of those episodes!!!!! 

It’s been a crazy, wild, confusing (at times), wonderful, amazing and FUN ride in the Z family and I’m so thankful that they allowed me to share their lives!!!











And FINALLY a few years back, I even got lucky enough that our oldest brought another female into our mix by marrying a wonderful, crazy, amazing and fun girl so that I wouldn’t be so outnumbered!!!!



And now, 10 years later, the Mr. and I have an empty nest and have started this new adventure in the Promised Land.  So what’s first on the agenda????? 

Convincing the kids to move here with us!!!

Come on………….you’ll love it!!!  🙂



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