Zombies R Us

I have no idea whose crazy idea it was to “spring forward” but it’s for the birds!!!

And not “normal” birds but crazy, loony, coo-coo birds!!!!

I have spent the entire day just barely on my feet and cannot comprehend even the simplest thing!

Now you may be thinking “that sounds like every day!” but let me assure you it is much worse today!!!

It’s like when the Mr. tries to explain the way a computer works.  Or when he tries to explain insurance to me.  Or MATH!!!!

That’s it…………..MATH!!!  I have the same dumb look on my face as when I’m faced with Math in any form!!!!

And today of all days, Math once again reared its ugly head!!!!

A lady came to the office to look up some properties and she copied some property cards.  Then she asked me for a receipt.  Now I’m more than capable of giving someone a receipt.  I’ve done it many, many times.  But she handed me a check for $6.00 and asked for a receipt.

And that’s when Math bit me in the hiney!!!  If she made $6 worth of copies which are a quarter each, how many copies did she make?????

Don’t panic………….…you can do this…………………….but she’s standing right there………..…..…WATCHING me struggle!!!!! 

Now, I could have just asked her how many copies she had but I was too busy trying to count on my fingers without her KNOWING I was counting on my fingers!!!!!

But never fear!!!  I conquered Math once again!!! 

And even though I’m one of the walking dead today, I confidently made out her receipt for 27 copies!! 😉



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