What I Ate……………What I Wore

A couple of weeks ago, the Mr. and I tried out a new place for lunch.  Well, the “place” isn’t new; we’ve just never been there before!

Anyway, the restaurant is Qdoba Mexican Grill and they serve, surprisingly enough, Mexican food, which we could eat every ding-dong day!!  LOVE IT!

It’s kind of a weird place in that its warehouse-y feeling and since I’m so elderly, I had a hard time hearing the little kids they have working there.  I kept having to lean in and say “I’m sorry, what was that again??” 

I finally ordered 3-cheese nachos and a quesadilla.  It was all very good!!!

Here’s a pic:


And here’s a picture of the stain on my shirt afterwards:


Oh yes, I spilled!!

I ALWAYS spill.

Unfortunately we had plans to go to the movie and out for dinner that same night RIGHT AFTER WORK with my sisters, brother-in-law and niece and I knew I wouldn’t have time to go home and change.  So I e-mailed them all and asked if they would be embarrassed by my stain!

To which my sister replied, “How would we recognize you without a stain?”

Gotta love sisters!!!!!  🙂


Isn’t that what you told me, Mom?!?!?! 

That you HAVE to love them???? 

Just checking!!

Until next time,



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