Be Our Guest

So this weekend the Mr. and I will be traveling to NY to move the rest of our stuff to KY. It will be a quick trip and very busy but it will be good to see Andrew and the rest of the family.

 Another big plus is CHICKEN WINGS!!!! Oh how we’ve missed chicken wings!

And Tim Horton’s.

And Mighty Taco.

And sponge candy.

And Papa’s spaghetti sauce. YUM!

Sorry………..didn’t mean to get side-tracked!

Anyway, it was suggested in a comment to an earlier post that maybe I would welcome a guest blogger while I’m away. I’ve thought it over and I think that would be great!!!

But first we’ve got to set some ground rules!!

#1 The guest post CANNOT have too much wisdom! I’ve prided myself in keeping this blog wisdom-free!! 🙂

#2 The guest post MUST be funny.  Just not funnier than my posts.  Which won’t be too hard to do!

 #3 The guest blogger will receive NO compensation from me!! I’m saving all my money for chicken wings.

And that’s about it!

Easy, right?!?!?!?!

Just let me know if you want to guest post and we’ll work it out.

Marcus, I’m putting you at the top of the list!!

Happy Monday,



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