Big Blue Nation, Start the Celebration

The Wildcats of KY did it again!!!

And while I’m proud to be from KY and I feel deep in my heart that I am a Cat fan and I bleed blue, I did NOT watch the game of the year last night.

I know………………how can I call myself a fan????

Well, its very simple.  I’m a jinx!

It seems that whenever I watch the Cats play, they lose.  For years now, my brother has banned me from watching any UK basketball games.  Doesn’t matter who they play or how many points they are ahead.  I’m to stay away from the TV and/or radio if the Cats are on!

Of course, I risked it on Saturday and watched the UK/UofL game but I was ready to leave the room if things started getting dicey!  But UK pulled it out and I started to feel like the jinx was gone.

But not enough to risk the big game!!

Now before you start thinking that I’m the ULTIMATE fan by sacrificing to make sure the team wins, I’m also tired and lazy!

And it was Monday!!!

I gotta get my sleep, people!!

So the Mr. and I went to bed around the time the game started and hoped and prayed that we’d find out about a Big Blue victory in the morning.

So there I was (Steve that was for you!)………..sound asleep about midnight when all of a sudden, the dog (who sleeps in the bed with us……I know……he’s spoiled) started barking his little head off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I jumped up like I had been shot and was so dazed I wasn’t sure where I was!!!  That dog scared the cotton outta me (Shelby reference!).

So the Mr. got up to investigate and found out that the Cats had indeed won the game and our crazy neighbor (remember the one who chases turkeys with beer bottles???) was setting off fireworks!!!

I guess all is forgiven since KY won but, man, am I exhausted!!!!



P.S.  I’ve got one volunteer to guest blog this weekend!!!  Look forward to reading what my 7-year-old niece has to say!!!  Should be a hoot!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Big Blue Nation, Start the Celebration

  1. The BBN is forever in your debt! Instead of “Bow to the Brow,” maybe we should say, “Bow to the Mish!”

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