And Now For Your Enjoyment………

Today we have a guest blogger.  Her name is Belle but, since she’s a drummer and all drummers need a cool rock ‘n roll name, I call her Izzy G.  She’s 7-years-old………….going on 24!!!!

When I asked her if she would write something for the blog, she was very excited so I shared the ground rules with her.  As you will recall from an earlier post, the first rule is NO WISDOM.  She looks at me and says, thoughtfully, “No wisdom……..I can do that.  I get “no wisdom” from my Dad.  And maybe a little from Gramps!”  What a hoot!!!

So without further adieu, I give you Life According to Izzy G:

I have a joke for you

knock knock 

who’s there?

knock knock 

who’s there?

knock  knock

who’s there?


orange who?

orange you glad I didn’t say knock knock?

ha ha ha.

i’m reading a book and my mom falls asleep.


So there you have it!  The thoughts of Izzy G! 

Love ya, girl!!



2 thoughts on “And Now For Your Enjoyment………

  1. You may be in for a shock, Izzy G just may take this blog over permanently!! My advice is, Be very careful what monsters you create!!!!

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