The Case of the Missing Earplug

Big thanks goes to my niece, Belle, and my brother, Marc, for keeping us entertained while I was away!  Good job!!!!

We got back on Monday safe and mostly sound.  The Mr. got sick on Saturday and has been feeling bad ever since.  I started feeling sick on Monday night and we both stayed home and in our jammies all day yesterday. 

Well, at least I stayed in my jammies!!!

As some of you may know (cause I have a big mouth!), the Mr. tends to snore a little.  Not much but just a little bit.  I try not to complain since I’ve been a snorer my whole entire life.  But when its right in my ear, I just can’t stand it!!!

So I’ve taken to wearing an earplug in one ear.  Since I sleep on my side, one ear is covered by the pillow so I bought some bright pink earplugs at the drug store and keep one by the bed at all times just in case! 

Saturday night I made sure and put it in because the Mr. was so sick and stuffy I just KNEW he would be snoring.  Poor guy!!!

The problem with the earplug is that I can’t hear anything!!!  Especially the alarm so on Sunday morning the Mr. had to shake me awake.  While I was laying in bed asking him how he was feeling, I took the earplug out and for some unknown reason, laid it down beside my head.

Well that was all the opportunity that Taj needed!!! 

The next thing I know, he’s got that hot pink waxy earplug in his mouth!!! 

I tried to grab it but he started fighting me!!!  I finally grabbed his head and stuck my finger in his mouth but he gave one violent shake of the head and pulled free!


Down the hatch that daggone earplug went!!!

So there I was……………on poop patrol.

Every time I took the little guy outside, I had to check to see if he passed that earplug.  I was scared to death that it would get lodged in his colon and he’d have to have doggie surgery to get it out.

I decided not to tell the story since I wanted to write about it so yesterday while the Mr. and I were laid up with the crud, Dad took Taj outside and low and behold…………THE EARPLUG!!!!

Now remember, Dad didn’t KNOW about the earplug so he’s thinking that the poor little guy is bleeding!  But he quickly surmised that it was indeed an earplug and just started laughing!!! 

As for the earplug snatcher, he seems to be fine and looking for snacks at every turn! 

Though this morning it dawned on me that I really should find out where that earplug is and get rid of it cause once the rest of the “deposit” disappears, that pink earplug will stand out like a beacon for a hungry little dog!

What a cutie!




3 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Earplug

  1. Oh, I can show you exactly where it is! It wasn’t the same color as any of my earplugs, so I didn’t retrieve it and clean it up for future use!!

  2. I want to know what kind of earplugs you got that makes you not hear anything. My man snores so bad I can hear it at the other end of the house. Tell me, tell me, tell me.

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