Good Thing/Bad Thing

When the Mr. and I first got married, I was so excited to have “family dinners” each night.  I just envisioned the four of us sitting around the table, talking and sharing about our day.  Such a lovely, Norman Rockwell picture!

The reality??? 

All three guys ate as fast as they could so they could get on with their lives!! 

NOT Norman Rockwell. 

Not even close!!!

Now the Mr. was kind enough to stay behind to help me clean up but I knew he was bored waiting for me to finish eating. 

So I had an idea:  each night before the boys could leave the table, we would all tell one good thing and one bad thing that happened that day.  The only rule was that they could NOT use their brother as a bad thing (as in “My bad thing is that Andrew has monkey breath!”).   

It turned out to be a very good way to share our day with each other. 

And Andrew’s breath is not monkey-ish in the least!!  🙂

So today I thought I’d share some good things/bad things:

Good thing:   Having a nice, warm bed to sleep in.

Bad thing:  Laying awake in the middle of the night sweating to death because the Mr. doesn’t want the ceiling fan on!

Good thing:  Watching my sweet baby boy napping on the bed this morning.

Bad thing:  Having to go to work instead of curling up with him.

Good thing:  Stopping at Dairy Queen after supper last night for a Blizzard.

Bad thing:  Being too full to order/enjoy a Blizzard!  😦

Good thing:  Eating supper at Johnny Carinos!!!

Bad thing:  A clog, a plunger, and Carinos in reverse!!!  (VERY bad thing!)

Good thing:  Payday!!

Bad thing:  Spending most of your paycheck on a new toilet.

Good thing:  Saying goodbye to the Shark Toilet!  FINALLY!

Bad thing:  Having to install a wall-mounted toilet (hope the Mr. can figure it out!!!)

Good thing:  Friday, the 13th

Bad thing:  What’s bad about a Friday??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

Happy day ya’ll,


P.S.  I’d love to hear some of your good things/bad things!!!



2 thoughts on “Good Thing/Bad Thing

  1. Good thing: It’s a beautiful Friday morning.
    Bad thing: I’m completely stopped up & can’t breathe.
    Good thing: I’m enjoying a breakfast of dry Cheerios.
    Bad thing: I just sneezed & spewed said Cheerios all over my computer screen. yuck.
    Good thing: I get to go to lunch with one of my sisters today.
    Bad thing: She, too, has the KY Crud.
    Good thing: I get to sing with The Josh Martin Band Saturday AND Sunday.
    Bad thing: I can barely talk…let alone sing!!!
    Good thing: I have a loving Father that will heal me in His time.
    Bad thing: I’m not a very patient person…please, God, hurry & make me well!!! 🙂

    • Your right…….it IS a beautiful morning and especially so at 6:30 this morning when I took the precious boy out and the sun was just coming up! Lovely! Unfortunately, he turned into Lewis & Clark and I just about froze to death waiting for him to finish with his exploration of the yard!!! Feel better soon and don’t you girls have too much fun without me at lunch!!!!!!

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