Some Kindly of a Contest

Before you ask, no, we still have not moved into the Mahal. 

When, oh when, will we ever get moved????  Your guess is as good as mine!

The Mr., my folks and I spent all day Saturday working like dogs at the house.

Let me clarify………..we slept in a little so we didn’t get over to the Mahal until around 11’ish,which means, according to Dad, that we wasted MOST of the day!!

Also, my dog works like me:  lots and lots of naps!

So I guess I should just say we worked pretty hard for most of the day!

We got more of the curtains hung and I have to admit that whoever invented sheers is a genius!!  They sure make the windows look nice with the curtains we picked out.

I also scrubbed the bathroom for what seemed like HOURS and am mostly happy with the results.  I’m kind of disappointed that the floor didn’t clean up better but at least I KNOW its clean! 

And my “knees” know its clean too!!!  Man, do they ache!!!! 

Guess I’m not spending enough time in prayer or else my knees would be used to it!!  🙂

But the MAIN accomplishment of the day………………bye, bye Shark Toilet!!!!!!

Its gone!!!!

Well, not completely; it’s still in the garage!

Maybe we’ll have a contest and the Shark Seat will be the prize! 

That sounds like a GREAT idea!!!

All you gotta do to be in the drawing for the Shark Seat is to NOT comment on this post.  If you comment, I’ll take your name out of the pot!  <———No pun intended; just a happy coincidence!  🙂

And just so you’ll remember what you’re playing for:

What a prize!!!


 Good Luck!!!!  🙂



17 thoughts on “Some Kindly of a Contest

  1. That has got to be the worst toilet in America! You probably could have won a bathroom makeover from HGTV for the ugliest toilet EVER! Now….take my name out of the pot!!!

  2. I have left a few sharks in those places, but never had one bite back! Now take me and all my family out of the drawing. I think Anthony needs it!

    • Yikes!! And you cannot comment for your whole family!!! Amy and Abby are still in the drawing! They should be reading this everyday anyway!! And Anthony does NOT need it!!!

  3. You know how some people do a Christmas card swap each year? One friend mails a card to another friend who lives far away and then the next year it gets sent back to the original sender and it just goes back and forth between the two for years and years. That sounds like a fun game for you and Jane only you can do it with a shark toilet! Start watchin’ your mailbox, Jane!! (Now take me off the list!)

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