3 Things

  1.  Buddy’s Pizza
  2. Wal-Mart Energy drink mix
  3. Kaboom

What do these three things have in common? 

Not much except that they’ve each come into my life in the last week or so and I felt they were particularly noteworthy.

Let’s start with Buddy’s Pizza. 

My niece, Belle (Izzy G), is quite the food connoisseur.  Which, I have to say, is a little surprising in a 7-year-old!!!  I think you can credit her mom for this. 

I’m somewhat jealous that my little sister has managed to find a way to eat most meals out and still her husband seems perfectly content with this.    Go figure!!

I’ve been working on the Mr. for years but he still would rather I cook supper.  Not because of my cooking, mind you, but for financial reasons!  Now Molly, on the other hand is an EXCELLENT cook so I’m not sure how she gets by with this one!!

Anyway, back to Buddy’s Pizza:  this happens to be one of Belle’s favorite places to eat so I figured since I didn’t feel like making lunch on Monday and its within walking distance of my work, the Mr. and I would just go on down there for lunch and see what the hubbub was all about.

Though I must clarify one thing:  although it IS within walking distance, did I actually walk there??? No I did not!  THAT’S JUST CRAZINESS!!!

So Buddy’s is just a little hole-in-the-wall joint decorated with lots of cool pictures of dogs.  LOVE that!!  I’ve got to get my little guy’s picture up there.  

I’d been told that the pizza slices are HUGE but since I was so stinkin’ hungry that day and because what is huge to one person may not be huge to another, we ordered 3 slices of pepperoni & bacon pizza (the slice of the day); one each and then one to share.

But I soon discovered that HUGE is HUGE!!!!  The slices are so big that they come out laying across TWO plates!!!  That’s a daggone big slice of pizza!!!! 

The pizza was yummy and I declared to the Mr. that whenever Belle tells us that a restaurant is good…….trust her!!!!  She knows whereof she speaks! 

Thanks for the tip, Belle!!

The next new thing is the Wal-Mart brand energy drink mix.  My co-worker, Lynne, who is healthy beyond anyone I’ve ever known, gave me one of these packets to try in a bottle of water and it was SOOO good!!!  Plus it gives you a nice boost of energy without you even realizing it or getting the jitters.

I had to go to Wal-Mart to get more of them and so far have tried Peach Mango (my fave), Wild Strawberry, and Grape.  All delish!


I highly recommend them if you have trouble drinking plain water OR if you can’t seem to get anything done without taking frequent nap breaks!!!  It works!!!

Now as far as my friend, Lynne, is concerned, I’m hoping some of her fitness attitude will rub off on me!!  I’m holding out for a drink mix that will actually DO the exercising for me and make me look more like her!  I’ll let you know if I find it!!  🙂

And lastly, KABOOM!!! 

Do any of you remember the Kaboom commercials with that annoying Billy Mays??????  I hate to speak ill of the dearly departed but those commercials drove me insane!!!  Mostly I would mute the commercials but I still had to listen to him yelling at me about cleaners while I scrambled to find the remote and shut him up!!!

But annoying or not, I’m a big impulse shopper so I couldn’t resist when I saw the Kaboom cleaners in a magazine.  Though I have to confess:  I actually bought these cleaners YEARS ago and just this last weekend opened the box!!! 

I hate cleaning almost as much as I hate math!!! 

Now that’s bad!!

So I used the Kaboom cleaner on my new, but disgusting, bathroom.  And it worked great!!!!  There was a little scrubby spongy thing that came with the cleaner and it got all sudsy and not too chemical smelly so I was very pleased!

AND I did solve one mystery!!

I now know why Billy Mays was always yelling.

I had a little cut on the side of my finger and when that Kaboom got down in there……………

I DONE A LITTLE SHOUTING MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow did that ever hurt!!!  KABOOM indeed!!!



3 thoughts on “3 Things

  1. She was particularly thrilled with the Kaboom when, first I and then, John finished the floor for her!! At least, I didn’t have to finish the pizza, yikes!!!!!!!!

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