It’s Official

We are now official residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky!!! 


It took us 3 days but we finally got our new drivers licenses and got our truck registered in KY.

Why so long, you ask?!?!?!?!

Well, that’s because no matter what state you live in, the DMV is a NIGHTMARE!!!!  Why can’t things just be easy????

We started out at the sheriff’s office where all vehicles coming from out of state must be “inspected”.  Now we just moved from a state where we had to have yearly inspections which included checking ALL functions of the vehicle from brakes on down to wiper blades.  It’s such a big deal in NY that you could commit almost any other form of moving violation but if that inspection sticker has expired….BIG TROUBLE!!!  But our local sheriff’s office comes out to the vehicle, checks to make sure the VIN # matches the title, checks your headlights and taillights and that’s pretty much it!  Oh, they also check the brake lights…………not the brakes, mind you……………..just the lights!!!! 

The other crazy thing is that they check the blinker.

In Kentucky!!!!!

Do ya know why that’s crazy??????

Because folks down here don’t actually USE their blinkers!!!!! 

I don’t mean to hurt nobody’s feelings but its stinkin’ true!!!  And I’m as bad as the rest.  We just about plowed into a dude this morning because he didn’t use his blinker and we “assumed” he was not going to turn.  WRONG!!!!

Please people……………use your blinkers!!! 

There are Yankees depending on it!!!

Anyway, after our truck passed the stringent inspection, we headed over to get our drivers licenses.  But silly me, I didn’t think about bringing my social security card!!!  So I got to come back the next day!!  FUN!

So the next day we went BACK across town (on our lunch hour!) and I went in to get my new license.  Of course, the guy in there turned into Chatty Cathy and it took FOREVER!!!  But he finally got the info right, the photo taken, and the license printed out.  I headed out to the truck and glanced down at what I am sure is the WORST drivers license photo in the history of drivers license photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Man, its BAD!!!!  Not just a little bad but REALLY REALLY BAD!!!!!

I got in the truck and showed it to the Mr. and he immediately roars with laughter!!!!  And now I’ve made him feel better about his own license photo!  Glad I could make his day!!!

So the next stop is the County Clerk’s office to get our actually tags for the truck.  Of course, we didn’t have all the paperwork we needed so we have to wait until the NEXT day to get it taken care of!!! 

We finally on the THIRD day got the license plate and its now on the truck!!!  But since NY requires a plate on the front of the truck, we have to find something for the front.  I suggested that we get a Buffalo Bills plate to show where we came from but, oh no!  The Mr. picked out something on his own.  Picked it out AND ordered it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the photo from website:


Thats right..........ZOMBIES!!!


So Friday night, Belle is riding in the truck with us and I’m telling her about getting our drivers licenses.  The Mr. feels the need to tell her about my terrible picture so of course, she wants to see it!!!  I finally show it to her after making her PROMISE not to laugh or show it to anybody else.

I hand it over the seat to her and wait. 


No laughter.  Not even a snicker.

She hands it back.

“Don’t you think that’s awful?” I asked.

“No”, she said.  “But it’ll scare the police away.”

That’s my girl………….always looking on the bright side!!!  🙂



5 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. SOOOO glad you’re finally official!!! And I HAVE to see that driver’s license! But, one question….WHAT IN THE HECK IS THAT ZOMBIE THING???!!! Are you KIDDING me?! You have GOT to get your own vehicle if for no other reason! Sorry, John.

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