The Nephews

The Mr. and I have a gaggle of nieces.

Do nieces come in gaggles?

Flock?  No, that’s seagulls.

Bevy?  That doesn’t sound nice!

We’ll stick with gaggle.

Anyway, there’s a slew of ‘em but we only have two nephews.

Josh belongs to my oldest sister and her husband. 

Yesterday Josh was 4-years-old but today he’s a grown man!!!  How in the world does that happen???  Time just went way too fast!

Josh was always so curious and had a million and two questions at any given moment!  He was also honest to a fault!!  From your hairdo on down to a “faux” ring, Josh let you know what he thought! 

Josh is now pushing 30 (sorry Josh!!) and he’s still curious and honest, though with a little more tact!  🙂  A very talented artist who we don’t get to see nearly enough!!  Miss you Josh!!

And then there’s Mason:

Mason is the son of my baby brother and his lovely wife.  

And he’s the spittin’ image of his daddy!!!

He’s a typical boy who loves to play and is in CONSTANT motion!!!  IF you can catch him, you better hug him fast cause he’ll be off and running again!!

One of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard was from Mason.  A couple years ago when I came home to visit, I had the pleasure of hearing Mason tell about his favorite tv commercial.  It involved a clown that stepped on a unicorn figurine. 

So in his most animated expression, Mason told me about this clown who stepped on a UNI-HORN!  As if “uni-horn” wasn’t funny enough, that little fella’s eyes were wide as saucers and as soon as he told about the clown stepping on the uni-horn, he just starts laughing hysterically!!!! 

That boy sure knows how to deliver a punch line!!  And in true Uncle Steve fashion, as soon as I laughed, he told it again!!!! 

And again! 

And again!!!

That little sweetie turns FIVE today!!!

I can’t believe he’s gotten so big and I can’t believe he lives in Arizona!!!  😦

Happy birthday, Mason! 

And watch out for those UNIHORNS!!!!!!!!!!

~Aunt Mish~


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