The Tale of Two Dogs

This morning the Mr. announced that he would take me to lunch at Taco Johns.  He’s not a huge fan of Taco Johns but he knows I really like it. 

I thought this was sweet of him! 

What a nice guy!!

So he picks me up for lunch and as we’re pulling in to SONIC, I’m thinking I’ll try something different this time.  See, I ALWAYS get a burger at Sonic which is good but I’ve been seeing their commercials for the specialty hotdogs.

Now as a McLean, it’s my sworn duty to eat hotdogs any time they are available.  We, as a people, eat them for lunch, supper or even breakfast, if there’s no other available breakfast meat.  Just split those babies in half and fry ‘em up!!  That’s good eatin’!

We’ve even been known to have a “hotdog snack” from time to time which involves grabbing a raw hotdog from the fridge and chowin’ on down!  And for most of us, when we eat something sweet and need to get the “sweet taste” out of our mouth, we reach for the beloved hotdog (raw, of course!).

The Mr. thinks we’re weird.

We probably are.

For lots of reason, not just the hotdog thing!!

So there I was, trying to decide what kind of hotdog I want.  I’m just staring at the menu as if I’m NOT Mrs. Magoo who can’t read it from that distance and trying to remember what varieties they offer from the commercial on tv!!!

I finally decide I’ll try 2 different dogs.  My first choice was a Chicago Hotdog, because I remembered that it had pickles on it, and my second choice was the New York Hotdog, because we just moved here from NY. 

My method of selection is brilliant, right?!?!?!

I wish I had taken a picture of the dogs but since eating at Sonic involves eating in the car, I couldn’t balance the bag of dogs, the napkins AND my phone so I skipped the picture.

I started with the NY dog. 

As soon as I pulled it from the bag I could smell it……….KRAUT!!!  Now, I’m not opposed to sauerkraut per se but it’s just not something I normally chose to eat.  But I’m brave and good at trying new things so I took a bite. 

Not bad.  

Not good enough to order again, but if you like kraut on your dog, you should definitely try it.

Next came the Chicago dog.  I was so excited!!!! 

Such hope.

Such promise.

I opened the bag and beheld the most beautiful hotdog/bun/condiment combination I had ever seen!!!  It had relish, tomatoes, mustard, a pickle spear and little hot pepper thingies on it!!!  I couldn’t wait. 

It didn’t taste BAD but just wasn’t what I had envisioned.  It had all the right “stuff” but was just a big ole mess!!!  While I liked all the individual elements, it just didn’t play well together.  It was too much!!!  You had to pick and choose what to have in each bite because it just couldn’t all stay together!!

And besides, the Chicago Hotdog just had too high a price tag for every day consumption.

Sorry, Chicago!

I’ll stick with the All-American Hotdog.

Tried and true.

Good for the rich and poor alike.

God Bless America.

And God bless the hotdog!




6 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Dogs

  1. Am I the only one confused here? Your first two sentences refer to having lunch at TACO JOHN’S and the rest of the post talk extensively about the hot dogs you got at SONIC. What gives? Anyway, everybody knows the best dogs at Sonic are the chili-cheese dogs!! Yum!

    And may I point out that two days ago you waxed eloquent about your precious little nephew because it was his birthday but you didn’t even give me a simple shout-out today for my big day?! No fair!

    • What gives is that instead of going to Taco John’s we went to Sonic!

      And I didn’t shout at you on here for 2 reasons:
      1. Mason is FIVE……….you are NOT five
      B. I shouted at you on Facebook this morning with a big ole “I Love You” included!!

      Oh……and 3. I didn’t have an embarrassing enough photo of you to share! I’ll work on it!!! 🙂

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok, I’m like Marti – confused because evidently Taco Johns turned into Sonic. But then I thought to myself, that can problem happen with a McLean, because sometimes they can cook chicken which will then turn into pork 🙂

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