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What In The World of EKGs?!?!?!?!

I got in the car at lunchtime today and the Mr. started telling me about his day.  And I have to admit that I didn’t understand a word he was saying!

I don’t just mean that I didn’t understand his “story”.  That’s no surprise!!  He’s a computer guy.  I’m lost on MOST of his work stories.

I mean I didn’t understand the actual WORDS!!!

That’s because in the tech world, everything is an acronym.

Have you noticed that we live in a world of acronyms?  It can get pretty confusing.

I once got an email from Andrew and had to get Erica, my 20-something co-worker and Fierce Friend, to translate it!!  It was horrible! 


What in the world does that mean????

Come on people…….spell it out!!! 


How hard was that???

I looked up the most popular acronyms and while I understood some of them (LOL, BFF, PC, BTW, ATM), there were a lot that I just had no clue about!

For instance, LOVE was on the list of the 100 Most Popular Acronyms. 


Now I know what love means.  It means, well, love.  You know, deep feelings of extreme like for someone or something. 

But, oh no, it so does NOT mean that!! 

LOVE is short for Loss of Valuable Energy. 

Really?  Is this a joke??  Apparently enough people use that acronym that it’s #68 on the list!!

I’ve had LOVE for a long time and didn’t even know it!

I just thought it was called LAZY.

Live and learn!



There’s Just One Thing……….

It’s been almost 10 years since the Mr. and I got hitched.  It’s hard to believe sometimes that 10 years has passed. 

For 9 ½ of those years, we lived in NY. 

And for 9 ½ years, I’ve whined about moving to KY.

For 9 ½ years I’ve told the Mr. and the boys about the wonder that IS Kentucky!  I’ve raved about the people, the places and how snow in the Bluegrass State is measured in inches rather than FEET!

There’s just one little thing I forgot.

Or maybe I just “chose” to put out of my mind.


Now I realize that in other parts of the country it’s much hotter but I don’t LIVE in those parts so I’m just griping about here!

I’m sure my brother will inform me of the 3-digit temperature in Arizona today and I will feel sorry for him.  ‘Cause it doesn’t matter if the heat is “dry” or “wet”……….HOT IS HOT!!!  But that’s why I don’t live in Arizona!

I’m hoping that I’ll re-acclimate to the heat once I’ve been here for a while.  After all, I spent 35 years of my life here and survived!!  And as a kid, we didn’t have central air.  My high school didn’t even have air conditioning.  So I know I can do it. 

But until then, or until I hear about the 18 inches of snow dumped on Buffalo in OCTOBER, whichever comes first, I’ll just whine, cry and complain and crank up the a/c!! 

It’s gonna be a long summer.  

It’s just May you know!!  🙂


Tough Love

Well, I finally did it.

I know that you’re shocked, but it had to be done.

I still love him and always will but I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I put my foot down and I stuck to my guns.

He got put out. 

I took away his access. 

He’ll have to find somewhere else to sleep.

What, you may be asking, did the Mr. do to deserve this treatment???

Not him, silly……………the dog!!!


look at that face!

Yes, I finally got tired of the little guy taking up the majority of a king-size bed and I put him in his own bed and took away his little stairs so he couldn’t get back in bed with us!

I know. 

I feel such guilt.

What kinda doggie-mama am I?

A tired one, that’s what!!!

But you know what???

I slept like a baby!

Well, except for the zombie dreams.

I gotta quit watching that show!!


Zombies, Poison & Pods

For years now the Mr. and I have watched tv shows on Netflix before we go to bed.  We’ve watched every episode of Star Trek (which took us years!) and we’ve branched out to other series.  Mostly we watch Sci-fi shows but I think we’re going to have to find something else.  Quickly!

Our latest bedtime show was Eureka.  It’s a funny little quirky show from the Syfy channel and we both really like it.  It’s a nice, light adventure before lights out.  But we finished all that Netflix had and until the last season is released, we had to find something else.

So last night the Mr. put on a show he’s wanted to watch for a while now.  Its called The Walking Dead.  Have you heard of this show??  It’s about zombies!!! 

Oh yes!  ZOMBIES!!!  Not exactly bedtime fare but I settled in to watch.

I’ll refrain from getting into details but suffice it to say, its just as scary with one eye closed as it is viewing it with both peepers!!!  When it finally went off, I insisted on watching something else to get my mind off the subject but when the tv went off and I lay there in the dark, my mind was all over it!!!!  And it didn’t help that the Mr. was snoring right in my ear………..which sounds a little zombie-ish!!!

Tonight, we’re watching Major Dad!!!!  🙂

Did I mention that the Mr. has been poisoned?

And not because of the zombie show either.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t poison him at all.  Nature did!!

Apparently, while doing some yard work last week, the Mr. encountered either an ivy or oak that didn’t agree with him!!  He’s infected!!!

So he’s slathered and sprayed and whined and cried (just kidding about the last two!) but all he can do at this point is wait for the poison to vacate.  Unfortunately, he thinks it may be on his tennis shoes that he wears everyday so I’m either going to have to wash them or get him some new ones (guess which way I’m leaning!!!).

On the plus side, this helps me with the whole clear-it-all-out-and-put-in-a-pool plan that I’ve got going. 

I think I need a shorter name for the plan!!

We’ve got a huge magnolia tree in our backyard.  When we first moved in, Dad noticed that there was a chain wrapped around the trunk and it was kind of embedded in the bark so he cut it off for us so the tree wouldn’t die.  But over the last couple of weeks, I’ve notice that a lot of the leaves have been turning brown and falling off.  Uh oh!!!  What’s up with that??

Surprisingly enough, I don’t have a green thumb (or any green appendage) so I didn’t know what should be done.  Then all of a sudden I noticed THE PODS!!


What in this world?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Well, here’s what-in-this-world………….


Not all the pods have bloomed yet but they are so cool.  Mostly the good ones are up too high for my Pika-legs to get me in position for a good picture but there are some low pods so I should be able to get some good shots in the next week or so. 

Still not sure about the leaf droppage but the blooms are really neat!!!


Let’s Make A Deal

When my little sister got married, she and her husband made a deal.  It was pretty ingenious really and I’ve been jealous ever since.

The deal was that Steve would clean the bathrooms! 


She should have gotten a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering that deal!!! 

So when the Mr. and I got married I thought about making the same bargain.

No dice!!!

See, when Molly got married, it was just her and Steve.  When the Mr. and I got hitched, we had 2 teenage boys.  Wasn’t NOBODY in that house gonna take THAT deal.

Unfortunately, a different bargain was negotiated; one that I have regretted many, many times over the last 10 years.

It’s called “Husband Privilege”.

What it means is that anytime the Mr. calls “husband privilege” I can’t share whatever funny/embarrassing/snort-worthy thing that has just happened!!!!

What was I thinking???????

Am I insane?????

Now, you may be thinking, “what’s the big deal?”  What you may not realize is that the Mr. is stinkin’ hilarious!!!  But he calls “husband privilege” for EVERYTHING!!!! 

It’s not fair!!!

I wanna do over!!!

I take it back!!!

Do you know how funny this blog would be WITHOUT the “Husband Privilege”????

I’ve got a juicy one on the tips of my fingers right this minute.  But, alas, HUSBAND PRIVILEGE!!

So I’ll just keep sharing embarrassing stuff about myself.  At least until I’m so old that I forget what stories are “tagged” and spill my guts!!!   Of course, I’ll embellish them as only the Mish can!!  🙂

And did I mention………….I still have to clean the bathrooms????????


Foul Fowl

When the Mr. and I first got married, he owned some rental property.  Now for those of you who know the Mr., you may be surprised at that because he is such a non-confrontational guy and one of the things he hated the most was collecting the rent.  It could be quite a hassle.  It seemed like every month the various tenants had an “issue” with paying the rent. 

The “issue” being that they didn’t want to!!

And it didn’t matter who lived there!  They ALL had that issue!!

Until the last guy. 

Michael is the boy’s uncle on their mom’s side.  Even though I claim them as my own, I didn’t actually “birth” them.  But sometimes they (Andrew especially) are so much like me you’d swear I did!!

But I digress.

So Michael moved in and all was right with the world!!   He was a great friend to the boys and to the Mr. and such a sweetheart to me.   Still is.

And he paid his bloomin’ rent!!!  What a novel idea!

So we were all tickled pink with the living arrangements:  we lived in the front apartment and Michael lived in the back, which made it very convenient for the Mr. to have LAN parties!!  Just run a cable from one apartment to the other and presto……….GEEKVILLE!!!

Did I mention that not only is the Mr. in technology but so is Michael and BOTH our boys?  Its no wonder that I eventually was assimilated to the wonderful world of Star Trek!  Resistance is futile!

But again, I digress.

Michael had but one flaw.  BIRDS!

Michael had birds!!!  Two of ‘em!

Now normally I could just avoid the birds.  Until one fateful day!!

The Mr. and I decided to get new carpet for both units.  So one day, while Michael was at work, the Mr. asked me to come along to measure for the new carpet.

As I approached the door, I inquired of the birds.  The Mr. assured me that I would be safe as Michael clips the bird’s wings and they can’t fly. 

So I be-bop on into the apartment and I’m holding the end of the tape measure (the Mr. won’t let me hold the end with the numbers ’cause I don’t know what the little hash marks mean!  I DON’T DO MATH!!) 

When all of a sudden one of those evil, blood-thirsty, beady-eyed monsters flies right toward my head!!!

My life flashed before my eyes!!! 

I screamed as if someone had hacked off my right arm and immediately dove onto Michael’s couch and curled into the fetal position!!!

Once the Mr. stopped laughing enough to help me up, he escorted me to the door, declaring that he could finish the job alone!

 I have forever been traumatized.

I was lucky to escape that place with my life.


Simple Girl

The Mr. learned years ago that I’m a simple girl who is content with simple things.  Some men greet their women at the airport with a bouquet of flowers.  But not my man!  He brings a cooler with an ice-cold soft drink!!

Now that is love!!!

He knows me well. 

So I thought for today I’d share with you some of the things that make me happy:

  • 4:30 on a Friday afternoon
  • Sunshine & a cool breeze
  • A cold Mt. Dew & a bag of Cheetos I don’t have to share with the dog
  • Walking up the steep steps to the vending machine without my heart bursting
  • A new white toilet to replace the 60’s mint green one (Yes, it came today!!)
  • A secret:  I’m not cooking supper tonight!  Don’t tell the Mr.!!!
  • Sleeping in until 1:00 pm on Saturday
  • Remembering to turn off all the ringers before going to bed on Friday (see above!)
  • Snuggling up with my little Taj to watch tv or a movie
  • Celebrating Mother’s Day in the same town as my mom!!!  YEAH!!
  • Listening to the Mr. kill zombies on his computer and knowing he’s happy!  He has to keep his skills up since he’s on the response team and all.

I hope your weekend is filled with things that make you happy!