Crabby Chronicles, Part II

I looked up crabby online today.

Here’s what I found:

crab-by (kr b ) adj. Grouchy; ill-tempered.


 crabby – annoyed and irritable

 Yep – that sounds about right!!!

So this morning, after snapping off the Mr’s head and THEN, to add insult to injury, NOT leaning in for my daily peck on the cheek, I made a startling discovery.

Actually it wasn’t startling at all.  It was something I’ve known a long time but just hate to admit.

Let me warn you…………this contains some wisdom!! 

I know.  I know.  I made a promise on the very first day that this blog would contain no wisdom but I just can’t help it!!  Its gotta be done!!

Here it is:

If everyone around you annoys the stuffin’ outta you and you just can’t seem to get along with ANYONE, then maybe its NOT everyone else………its YOU!!!!

Yes, that’s right………………its ME!!!!

So right off the bat, I argued with myself over this pearl of wisdom (see, I can’t even get along with myself!) and of course, I lost the argument so I sent a text to the Mr. apologizing for my bad attitude and he forgave me!  He’s good like that!!

Now let me apologize to all of you because whether you knew it or not, I wasn’t getting along with you.

Please forgive me.

I’ll make every effort to get along with ya’ll from now on!!   🙂

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

As I mentioned yesterday, we got moved into our house over the weekend so last night it was up to ME and me alone to figure out, fix & clean up supper!  What pressure!!!

So I stuck with our old standby………tacos.  The Mr. and I could eat tacos every ding-dong night!!!  Love ‘em!

While eating at the dining room table with no tv on, thank you very much, the Mr. asks if I want to take the dog for a walk after we eat.  What a silly man!!  Of course, I didn’t!!  I never do but I WILL and that’s what’s important.  Though last night I had the perfect excuse………..a storm was a’brewin!

This photo was posted on Facebook this morning.  Its from the neighborhood next to ours.  Pretty scary sky!!


All of a sudden, the tornado siren started going off!!! 

Now, I’ve been afraid of tornados since 1974 when a tornado came through Frankfort and many of my families houses were destroyed.  Just the sound of the siren scares me to death!!!

So when I heard it last night, I grabbed my laptop, cell phone, purse & shoes and told the Mr. and Taj to follow me to the basement!!  Of course, it never occurred to me to grab a flashlight so I’m glad the Mr. was thinking clearly!! 

Not sure why I grabbed my purse except maybe in case I needed identification when they found my lifeless body in another county.  Because I’m SURE I would have been able to hang onto the dog AND my 50 lb. purse in a funnel cloud!!  Though maybe that heavy purse would have kept me grounded. 

Thankfully, the storm passed by rather quickly and after the siren finally cut off, we headed back upstairs. 

Only to find that our shows were pre-empted for the weather!!! 

What’s up with that???

I know……….I’m the most self-centered person on earth! 

So that was the big excitement for the night.  Hopefully tonight will be MUCH more low-key!!!

Stay safe and remember to grab a flashlight!!



One thought on “Crabby Chronicles, Part II

  1. I forgive you for being crabby!
    So, let me get this straight….. you left the frozen tundra (where all you have to worry about is snuggling on the couch with taj on a snowy day) to wettin your pants every time the sky gets cloudy?!!!! are you kidding me?!!!

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