The Memaw Spot

Have you ever called off work for a bad hair day?

Me neither, but today was almost the day!!

I’m thinking that the Labor Board should institute bad hair day time into employee benefit packages.  Most places get time off for vacation and sick but why not add in a few days per year designated “Bad Hair Days”?? 

Maybe I’ll write to my congressman.  Maybe get a petition going.  Keep  your eyes peeled for it.

It’s gonna be a thing!

I’ve been fixing my own hair for years now but some mornings, it’s like I’ve never before held a brush!  Today was one of those days!!

First of all, (she goes by Jane……I’ll explain later!) I didn’t get much sleep again last night so I’m walking a little on the zombie side of life. 

Secondly, it was a bloomin’ zillion degrees in our bathroom this morning. 

Ok, maybe that was a slight exaggeration.  It was probably more like a half a zillion degrees but you get my drift!!

And thirdly…… that a word?  It seems like a word but sounds kinda weird.  Is it third or thirdly?  Not sure.  Let’s switch to third……….

And third………, that’s not right.  Let’s go back to thirdly……….

And thirdly, I have a Memaw spot.

I inherited it from my beloved Memaw who passed it down to my mom (sorry, Mom!) who then so lovingly passed it to me.

What’s a Memaw spot, you ask?  A Memaw spot is a very annoying part/flat spot in your hair usually found in the crown area.  I have suffered from this affliction for years!!!  YEARS!!!

There is no cure for the Memaw spot but there are steps to disguise it: 

The best way it to ask a friend/sister for help.  When my sister, Molly, and I shared an apartment, I would fix the front and sides of my hair then go to her to fix the back and crown area.  She would tease & fluff & smooth the crown area and then, in true Southern fashion, hairspray the heck out of it!!!!

Another option is to get a hand mirror and check it yourself in the bathroom mirror and try to cover the spot.  It’s a little more difficult because you need both hands to tease the area and a hand to hold the mirror.  Unfortunately, I don’t currently HAVE a hand mirror so I have no idea what is going on back there!!!

You could also get a perm.  But let’s face it…………it’s not 1987 so NO PERMS!!!!

The absolute WORST thing you can do for this condition is ask a man for help!!!  No offense to the Mr. but men naturally don’t understand the importance of covering a Memaw spot nor do they see why it’s such a tragedy when you can’t.  And they sure as shootin’ don’t know how to tease, fluff, smooth & hairspray a Memaw spot!! 

And deep inside I’m glad that they don’t!!  😀

So today, my Memaw spot is shinin’ like a beacon but rest assured tonight I’m either stopping at Rite-Aid for a hand mirror or I’m moving in with Molly!! 

Have a great day and keep those Memaw spots covered!!



2 thoughts on “The Memaw Spot

  1. While you’re at the store you might also want to invest in a small fan for your bathroom. Trust me, there are just times that women of a certain age need a little extra breeze!

  2. I must ask an important question here… what good is a hand mirror going to do you if you need two hands to tease AND a hand to hold the mirror? You currently don’t have three hands, SILLY!

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