I’m On My Lunch Hour!!

Have you ever wanted to say that to a slow waitress who just isn’t moving fast enough for your liking? 

Well, Memaw did!!

I’ll never forget going to China Wok with Memaw and as soon as we placed our order she said “Now we are on our lunch hour.”  As if that waitress didn’t realize that everyone in the place was on their lunch hour!!  I just KNEW we would be eating a loogie-filled lunch! 

Bless her heart!  And I mean that in a good way!  🙂

She also wouldn’t let them bring the Egg Drop Soup to the table!  Just the sight of it made her sick.  But she would say it in that same Memaw-tone:  “Don’t even bring it to the table!” 

Gotta love Memaw!!

But lately I’ve had the same attitude at lunch.

Since moving into the Mahal, the Mr. and I have started going home at lunch so we can take Taj out for a mid-day potty break.  He’s so excited to see us and then is SOOOO mad when we leave to go back to work. 

I don’t really like that part myself!

The problem is that by the time the Mr. picks me up at work, we drive home, fix a sandwich, eat said sandwich, clean up the mess (we are messy sandwich makers!), and take Taj out for his duty, its time to rush back to work!   I’m exhausted by the time I get back to my desk.  And usually have a little heartburn to boot!!

I’m thinking of making my lunch when I go home and then bringing it back to the office with me to eat at my desk at a more leisurely pace.  That way I’ll have plenty of time to take care of the Mr. and Taj; though the Mr. is pretty self-sufficient and only needs to find out where things are.  Remember, we’ve only lived in this house for a week so anything he needs in the kitchen is like a scavenger hunt!  Poor Mr.!!

Today when I took Taj out, he headed right to the back fence to see if our neighbor dogs were out.  There are 3 rather large dogs back there and only one of them likes Taj.  The other two want to EAT him!!  They’ve even tried to dig under the fence to get to him!!! 

I can totally understand.  He’s adorable!! 

But it makes me nervous!

The one dog that likes him is a beautiful black dog with a fluffy curved tail like Taj’s and if he’s out, he’ll growl and snip at the other two dogs to keep them away from his “friend”.  He’s very nice to Taj.

Anyway, today when Taj got to the fence, the black dog came out and right over to sniff at my little guy.  They both sniffed and sniffed and the tails were a waggin’ (which is a good thing!)

Then, as if in slow motion, the black dog turns and starts to lift his leg.  I quickly pulled at Taj’s lease just as a steady stream of yellow emerged from the other side of the fence.

That silly dog was trying to PEE on my baby!!!!!  And since Taj is so much shorter, it would have been right on his furry back!!!!  I’m not sure if he was trying to “mark” Taj as his buddy or was just obnoxious but I didn’t like it one little bit!!  I did, however, notice that when we moved to another part of the yard to finish our business, the black dog was fighting off the other two from the fence. 

Protector or not, DON’T PEE ON MY DOG!!!

And all the while, I’m thinking, in my whiney-est tone  “I’m on my lunch hour!”



2 thoughts on “I’m On My Lunch Hour!!

  1. Marsha….I just love to read this stuff. It makes me laugh out loud. And that’s usually a good thing unless you’re in public.

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