Attila and Her Husband

I have, without a doubt, the hardest working parents in the world.  Which you may think is a real blessing; something to be proud of. 

But when you’re a kid, it’s the pits!!!

Our Saturdays consisted of work, work and more work!  Sometimes we were given a choice of who we wanted to help for the day, Mom or Dad.  If given the choice always, ALWAYS pick Dad!!!  Working with Dad meant yardwork.  And he didn’t care if you were a girl or not.  He didn’t care if you were strong or not.  If he was chopping firewood, you picked it up, bugs and all, and stacked it.  If he was trimming bushes, you hauled the trimmings to the curb.  Whatever he was doing, you helped.  The only advantage to working with Dad was if you didn’t do it to his satisfaction, he would eventually step in and take over for you.  Then you got to just stand around and try not to let Mom spot you!!  If Mom saw you doing nothing, life as you know it was over!!  You got transferred to INSIDE WITH MOM!!!

Mom’s idea of a Saturday was getting up early and cleaning the house.  And I don’t mean just a little dusting and vacuuming.  I mean scrubbing walls and floors and bathrooms!  And when you got done with one job, you better get your hiney back to her for your next assignment.  And she NEVER ran out of assignments! 

The Mr. once asked me, “How dirty could your house possibly be?”  The answer is NOT VERY!!  Cause we cleaned it all the bloomin’ time.  And don’t even think that Labor Day is a holiday…………its right in the name!!  LABOR Day!!!

Hence the name Attila became synonymous with Mom.

But it wasn’t just Saturdays that we came to dread.  My parents were self-employed which meant WE were their employees!!!  If there was work to be done at the print shop, we were there!!!  Or worse, Dad would bring it home to be done and that meant working until it was done, not just til dark!!  Many a time you could find our family of 6 marching around the pool table, not playing pool, but collating a book or magazine.  Without a doubt the most boring job!  Notice how none of us kids went into the printing business.

Can I get a witness from my siblings??? 

Fast forward to present day:  the parents have been helping us work on the Mahal.  We so appreciate all their help and cannot believe how much they have accomplished. 

But I’m exhausted!! 

The last time Attila was over, I noticed that I could not, in any way, keep up with the woman!   AND SHE HAS FIBROMYALGIA!!  How pathetic am I???  Don’t answer that!! 🙂

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend and Father’s Day around the corner, I just want to say to my parents:  I love you, I appreciate you, I respect you more than you’ll ever know. 

I just have one question:

How in this world did you raise such a lazy child?????




10 thoughts on “Attila and Her Husband

  1. Hmmm. When I was reading that post, I was thinking how Dad taking over jobs that weren’t up to his standards must be how Marcus never learned to do ANYTHING!!!! 😉

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