Round Is A Shape, Right?!?!?!?!

So, the Mr. and I have decided that we need to get into shape.

Actually, the Mr. has decided that he and I need to get into shape!!

So I’ve recently developed my own regimen.  Oh yes, I said regimen!!

Here is how I’ve changed things up at work:

  • First, I STAND around and talk instead of SIT around and talk whenever I get the chance; or whenever there is no chair.
  • Second, I’ve been drinking more water.  Of course, its usually followed by a Mt. Dew chaser, but WHATEVER!
  • Third, I’ve been taking the stairs.  Mostly to the 3rd floor to buy the Dew chaser!

And at home:

  • The Mr. & I have been taking Taj for walks around the neighborhood.  I’m usually bringing up the rear but at least my rear is out there!!!
  • We’ve also kept the thermostat warmer than I’d like so I’ve been sweating more…..kinda like a sauna!  Or as Shelby used to say, a “smothering room”.  (Boy, am I gonna hear about this from the Mr.!!)
  • Plus, and more importantly, I’ve been talking/complaining (depending on who you ask!) a lot, which we all know burns calories!!!  Every little bit helps!

And I gotta admit:  I’m feeling fitter every day!  🙂




2 thoughts on “Round Is A Shape, Right?!?!?!?!

  1. I have some yard work to do and some of it requires digging. Yes, Mish, digging into the warm earth with a shovel or grubbing hoe so that I can plant some plants and watch them come shooshting up into the hot summer sun. Then, there will be some unwanted plants, (weeds) that will need to be pulled up and disposed of so that more unwanted plants, (weeds) can replace them. ALL that should put you in shape enough so come on over after work and you can work in the cool of the day.

    • The shape I’d be in after all that is DEAD!!! Sorry, wouldn’t want to deprive you of the pleasure of the workout. Plus I hear you gained 60+ lbs. at the doctor yesterday!!! Get to plantin’!

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