Simple Girl

The Mr. learned years ago that I’m a simple girl who is content with simple things.  Some men greet their women at the airport with a bouquet of flowers.  But not my man!  He brings a cooler with an ice-cold soft drink!!

Now that is love!!!

He knows me well. 

So I thought for today I’d share with you some of the things that make me happy:

  • 4:30 on a Friday afternoon
  • Sunshine & a cool breeze
  • A cold Mt. Dew & a bag of Cheetos I don’t have to share with the dog
  • Walking up the steep steps to the vending machine without my heart bursting
  • A new white toilet to replace the 60’s mint green one (Yes, it came today!!)
  • A secret:  I’m not cooking supper tonight!  Don’t tell the Mr.!!!
  • Sleeping in until 1:00 pm on Saturday
  • Remembering to turn off all the ringers before going to bed on Friday (see above!)
  • Snuggling up with my little Taj to watch tv or a movie
  • Celebrating Mother’s Day in the same town as my mom!!!  YEAH!!
  • Listening to the Mr. kill zombies on his computer and knowing he’s happy!  He has to keep his skills up since he’s on the response team and all.

I hope your weekend is filled with things that make you happy!




3 thoughts on “Simple Girl

  1. Do you know what’s funny? I just got off the mower and while I was finishing up, I thought I’d call to see what kind of plumbing job we would be into this weekend. Then I see your blog and now I know! Do we start at 1:00pm or at 1:30pm?

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