Let’s Make A Deal

When my little sister got married, she and her husband made a deal.  It was pretty ingenious really and I’ve been jealous ever since.

The deal was that Steve would clean the bathrooms! 


She should have gotten a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering that deal!!! 

So when the Mr. and I got married I thought about making the same bargain.

No dice!!!

See, when Molly got married, it was just her and Steve.  When the Mr. and I got hitched, we had 2 teenage boys.  Wasn’t NOBODY in that house gonna take THAT deal.

Unfortunately, a different bargain was negotiated; one that I have regretted many, many times over the last 10 years.

It’s called “Husband Privilege”.

What it means is that anytime the Mr. calls “husband privilege” I can’t share whatever funny/embarrassing/snort-worthy thing that has just happened!!!!

What was I thinking???????

Am I insane?????

Now, you may be thinking, “what’s the big deal?”  What you may not realize is that the Mr. is stinkin’ hilarious!!!  But he calls “husband privilege” for EVERYTHING!!!! 

It’s not fair!!!

I wanna do over!!!

I take it back!!!

Do you know how funny this blog would be WITHOUT the “Husband Privilege”????

I’ve got a juicy one on the tips of my fingers right this minute.  But, alas, HUSBAND PRIVILEGE!!

So I’ll just keep sharing embarrassing stuff about myself.  At least until I’m so old that I forget what stories are “tagged” and spill my guts!!!   Of course, I’ll embellish them as only the Mish can!!  🙂

And did I mention………….I still have to clean the bathrooms????????



2 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Deal

  1. The Mr. Had to do all housework for 7 years as a single dad. So it was a good deal not to have too. I still did and do vacuuming. Sorry about walmart story!

    • I almost didn’t approve this comment but I figured since there was no such thing as “wife privilege” I’d let you have your say. 🙂 See what a wonderful wife I am!!!

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