Zombies, Poison & Pods

For years now the Mr. and I have watched tv shows on Netflix before we go to bed.  We’ve watched every episode of Star Trek (which took us years!) and we’ve branched out to other series.  Mostly we watch Sci-fi shows but I think we’re going to have to find something else.  Quickly!

Our latest bedtime show was Eureka.  It’s a funny little quirky show from the Syfy channel and we both really like it.  It’s a nice, light adventure before lights out.  But we finished all that Netflix had and until the last season is released, we had to find something else.

So last night the Mr. put on a show he’s wanted to watch for a while now.  Its called The Walking Dead.  Have you heard of this show??  It’s about zombies!!! 

Oh yes!  ZOMBIES!!!  Not exactly bedtime fare but I settled in to watch.

I’ll refrain from getting into details but suffice it to say, its just as scary with one eye closed as it is viewing it with both peepers!!!  When it finally went off, I insisted on watching something else to get my mind off the subject but when the tv went off and I lay there in the dark, my mind was all over it!!!!  And it didn’t help that the Mr. was snoring right in my ear………..which sounds a little zombie-ish!!!

Tonight, we’re watching Major Dad!!!!  🙂

Did I mention that the Mr. has been poisoned?

And not because of the zombie show either.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t poison him at all.  Nature did!!

Apparently, while doing some yard work last week, the Mr. encountered either an ivy or oak that didn’t agree with him!!  He’s infected!!!

So he’s slathered and sprayed and whined and cried (just kidding about the last two!) but all he can do at this point is wait for the poison to vacate.  Unfortunately, he thinks it may be on his tennis shoes that he wears everyday so I’m either going to have to wash them or get him some new ones (guess which way I’m leaning!!!).

On the plus side, this helps me with the whole clear-it-all-out-and-put-in-a-pool plan that I’ve got going. 

I think I need a shorter name for the plan!!

We’ve got a huge magnolia tree in our backyard.  When we first moved in, Dad noticed that there was a chain wrapped around the trunk and it was kind of embedded in the bark so he cut it off for us so the tree wouldn’t die.  But over the last couple of weeks, I’ve notice that a lot of the leaves have been turning brown and falling off.  Uh oh!!!  What’s up with that??

Surprisingly enough, I don’t have a green thumb (or any green appendage) so I didn’t know what should be done.  Then all of a sudden I noticed THE PODS!!


What in this world?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Well, here’s what-in-this-world………….


Not all the pods have bloomed yet but they are so cool.  Mostly the good ones are up too high for my Pika-legs to get me in position for a good picture but there are some low pods so I should be able to get some good shots in the next week or so. 

Still not sure about the leaf droppage but the blooms are really neat!!!



One thought on “Zombies, Poison & Pods

  1. I have noticed yellowed leaves on a number of magnolias as I drive around. I don’t know if that is normal or due to the weather. My philosophy is, “Don’t borrow trouble”. Wait a while and see what happens.

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