There’s Just One Thing……….

It’s been almost 10 years since the Mr. and I got hitched.  It’s hard to believe sometimes that 10 years has passed. 

For 9 ½ of those years, we lived in NY. 

And for 9 ½ years, I’ve whined about moving to KY.

For 9 ½ years I’ve told the Mr. and the boys about the wonder that IS Kentucky!  I’ve raved about the people, the places and how snow in the Bluegrass State is measured in inches rather than FEET!

There’s just one little thing I forgot.

Or maybe I just “chose” to put out of my mind.


Now I realize that in other parts of the country it’s much hotter but I don’t LIVE in those parts so I’m just griping about here!

I’m sure my brother will inform me of the 3-digit temperature in Arizona today and I will feel sorry for him.  ‘Cause it doesn’t matter if the heat is “dry” or “wet”……….HOT IS HOT!!!  But that’s why I don’t live in Arizona!

I’m hoping that I’ll re-acclimate to the heat once I’ve been here for a while.  After all, I spent 35 years of my life here and survived!!  And as a kid, we didn’t have central air.  My high school didn’t even have air conditioning.  So I know I can do it. 

But until then, or until I hear about the 18 inches of snow dumped on Buffalo in OCTOBER, whichever comes first, I’ll just whine, cry and complain and crank up the a/c!! 

It’s gonna be a long summer.  

It’s just May you know!!  🙂



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