Mr. & Mrs. Spratt

Have you ever heard the saying that “opposites attract”?

Well, the Mr. & I definitely fall into that category.

He likes to stay up late…………I like to go to bed early.

He likes to shower & dress first thing………………I like to lay around in my pjs as long as possible.

He likes to get out in the fresh air……………..I like to stay in the a/c.

He likes to bike ride or go for walks………………..I like to watch TV!

But there are some areas where being opposites are a plus. 

For instance, the all important topic of chicken wings.  And let’s face it, if you live or have lived anywhere near Buffalo, NY, then chicken wings are of vital importance!!!  The Mr. likes the “arm” part (with the 2 bones) and I like the drummette part.  Works out GREAT!!

Did you know that chicken wings had arms????  Now you know!

We are also opposites on meat fat.

The Mr. cannot stand even the THOUGHT of meat fat and I, of course, consider that the best part!  Come on, you have to admit that the charred bit of steak fat is the most awesome bite of the whole thing!!   That’s the whole reason to grill steak………..the fat, man, it’s all about the fat!!

But the Mr. (aka Jack Spratt) is so grossed out by meat fat of any kind, that he often leaves the best meat on his plate.  Unfortunately, since Mrs. Spratt can’t seem to throw out the delicious meat, she’s eating her portion PLUS his!  Not fair!!!

And so between the two of us, we lick the platter clean!!

I’m so ashamed.

Not really!!  😉




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