Gone To The Dogs

There is an attorney in our office building who sometimes brings his dog to work.  I don’t have a problem with this except that I wish I could bring my little guy to work with me too!  But he would just be barkish and get on everyone’s nerves.  Fortunately, he’s so cute that he would be forgiven!

My first encounter with this lawyer-dog started out innocently enough.  I was headed to the bathroom at the end of the day and as soon as I got out of the office door, this dog comes bounding around the corner looking at me.  Of course, I immediately went into my “what a cute little dog” voice and started talking to the dog as I extended my hand for him to get a good whiff.

Apparently my eau de toilette had worn off because he did NOT like the smell of me!!!  I promise that I showered AND used deodorant!!!  Though it had been a long day so maybe I wasn’t as fresh as a daisy, but don’t dogs usually like stinky things???

Anyway, this dog, I’ll call him Cujo, did not care for me one little bit and immediately started barking and growling and literally backed me into the office from which I had just come.  I was so stunned that this demon-beast had kept me from the bathroom.  So my co-worker went out into the hall to take the mangy-mutt back to the attorney’s office.  But apparently this co-worker had a different experience than I had and came back singing the praises of this sweet little angel.

Weeks went by before I had another encounter with the Hound from Hades but this one was way worse than the first!!

See, I get off work at 4:30 but the Mr. works until 5:00 so since we share a car, I wait in the break room for him to pick me up.  It actually works out very well.  There is a TV back there and I read my Kindle and watch Friends on TBS; two of my favorite things in life!  When I leave, I usually go out the back office door and take the stairs down to the street to get in the car. 

But this particular day I was lazy. 

I decided to take the elevator. 


The building is usually a ghost town at 5:00 so I’m a little creeped out to start with but as I push the elevator button, I hear snorting and growling and gnashing of teeth behind me. 


We stare at each other for what seems like forever and then he makes a run for me!!!


Just before he gets to me, a lady steps out of the attorney’s office and yells for Cujo.  He doesn’t even slow down!!!  Then, like a miracle, the elevator arrives with a loud DING!

I was literally saved by the bell.

The beast went running back to his lair and I practically did a nose-dive into the elevator!!!

I’m lucky to be alive!!!

Here is a picture of a dog like the one who nearly ended my life:


Scary, huh????



6 thoughts on “Gone To The Dogs

  1. Maybe he’s smelling Taj’s scent on you & doesn’t like sissy dogs. I’d be steering clear of him!!! Funny!

    • I’m watching for BK (and the hound dog!) but haven’t seen him yet. Does he know I work here or will he wonder who this crazy old lady is talking to him??

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