This past weekend was the annual McLean Family Reunion.  This is the 38th year and that’s pretty impressive, if you ask me.  And, well, you didn’t, but still, that’s my opinion!

Though the numbers were down this year (only 67 people), a good time was had by all.

The reunion is held every year at my parent’s house and, boy, do they knock themselves out to make things look nice!!  They were even kind enough to invite us all to come help put up tents and set up tables and chairs on Friday night.  We were enticed with a delicious hotdog supper!!   A McLean favorite!  🙂

My brother’s oldest daughter had flown in from Phoenix earlier in the week and since my cousin, Shelby, hadn’t seen Abby in over a year, I just told her there was a surprise waiting on Friday night.  She was so excited and tried to guess the surprise all the way to my folk’s house.  I assured her that she would know what the surprise was when she saw “it”. 

Now, before any of you start with me, I realize that Abby is NOT an “it” but since “she” would have given away too much information, I stuck with “it”.  Sorry, Abby!!

I walked around the back of the house, anxious to see Shelby’s reaction when the Mr. and I got a surprise of our own!!!  There sat our Andrew!!!!  And one of my Fierce sisters, Jane!!!!  They had driven down from NY that day to surprise us!  What a wonderful surprise!

We had a great time of visiting and catching up and laughing and talking about Brian and Myra (see, ya’ll should have come!!) and we were so sorry for the weekend to come to an end.

The “Tent Party” on Friday night was, in short, a comedy of errors!!  But we laughed and had a good time and the tents got put up and we all enjoyed our hotdogs! 

Attila guided our efforts!

Many hands make light work! Or make light work take longer???  Or make you wish you had worn your Depends! 🙂

Even Taj joined in the fun!

Anybody need any thingamajigs????

Abby and Shelby came home with us and volunteered (or were coerced, I can’t remember which) to fix the food I was supposed to take on Saturday while Jane and I supervised and the Mr. and Andrew played Guitar Hero.  What a fun time we had laughing and sharing together.  And of course, staying up too late!

Saturday was more laughing and eating and laughing some more.

Sunday we went to church then later that day most of us gathered to say goodbye to Abby. 

Andrew and Jane stayed until Monday morning then we had to let them go too.  The house seems so empty now so I’m looking forward to them coming back to visit and bringing others with them (Brian and Myra, are you getting the hint????)

So reunion was INDEED a reuniting of family and friends, just as it should be!

Let’s do it all again next year!



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