We Are On A Journey

Today the Mr. and I embark on a new journey.  No, we’re not actually going anywhere but we are trying a new “diet”. 

I know, I know, been there, done that!  So have we.  But Molly & Steve started this so we thought, “Why not?  Let’s jump on their bandwagon!”

Of course, who could have known their bandwagon was so expensive!!!

But, after taking out a second mortgage at Kroger, we’re trudging ahead.

So far today, I’ve had a delicious spicy cheese omelet with tomatoes for breakfast and I just finished my mid-morning snack of cantaloupe.  It was quite good.  And I’ve got chicken and peppers waiting at home in the fridge for lunch.  I made it last night and it smelled yummy!!!  Can’t wait.

But now, the bad news:

According to this apparent food Nazi, there are no soft drinks allowed.

Did you get that??




No Diet Coke.

No Mt. Dew.


What’s an addict to do???

I’ve had so much water this morning that I’m just about to drown.  Of course, I can have green tea if I want but YUCK!!  And I don’t drink coffee so….water, it is!!!

**WARNING:  If I happen to see you over the next couple of weeks and I manage to rip your head right off, I don’t mean it!!  I’m really a nice person.  Really.  Just a bit nicer with caffeine!

I sure hope aspirin are allowed cause I’m eating ’em like Tic Tacs.



One thought on “We Are On A Journey

  1. My afternoon headaches are starting to faze out. It’s hard to quit caffeine & sugar!!! Love that omelet & the chicken & peppers!!! I do feel lots better in just a couple of weeks. And, you’re right…it IS expensive. I’ll be interested to add up my food bill, including restaurants, from the month before & then add up my food bill on the new plan. We probably will be about the same since we used to eat out so much. Hang in there! 😉

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