The Apocalypse, Jesus and Baseball

Last night the Mr. and I went to watch Belle play her last baseball game of the summer.  If you’ve never had the experience of watching a bunch of 7 & 8 year olds playing ball, you have missed out!!  What a hoot!!

Our little Izzy G played great!  There were even some adults in the stands saying that if they gave out an MVP award, it should go to Belle!!  Of course, I let them know that I taught her everything she knows!  🙂

After the awesome game, which Belle’s team won 14-2, a bunch of the parents (and me & the Mr.) made a tunnel for the team to run through while we cheered.  They thought they were big stuff!!!

I can’t even begin to count all of the adults who came by to tell Belle what a good job she did and what a good ball player she is.  Man, were our chicken tops swelling!!!  So proud of that girl.  Of course, she took it all in stride and was cool as a cucumber. 

Next stop………..DQ!

I know, we’re supposed to be watching what we eat!

And we did!

I watched the Mr. eat a Blizzard and he watched me eat a Blizzard!

So we’re sitting around talking about the ballgame and everything else we could think of, when Belle suddenly says, “Some people say the world is going to end this year.”  I told her that those people apparently don’t read the Bible and the Mr. shared the scripture about no man knowing the hour when the Lord will come back. 

Belle then said, “Maybe Jesus will come back this year.  That’ll be fun!!”

So precious!!  We all agreed that that would indeed be fun when her little eyes lit up and she just laid us all out flat………..“Maybe we could play baseball; Aunt Mish will be on my team.” 

I asked her, “What about Jesus?”  Then she really cheered, “Jesus is on our team!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

Yep, that girl’s got it all figured out!

If I’m gonna play baseball, I DEFINITELY want Jesus on my team!  🙂



4 thoughts on “The Apocalypse, Jesus and Baseball

  1. She is so sweet and smart! She definitely has it all figured out! I’ll take Jesus on my team for the game of life, that’s a tough one to win, but He already has the victory!

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