Run, Mish! Run for your life!!

I don’t run.

Not at all.


Unless a bad guy is chasing me.

Or if I’m chasing a turkey!

Back in the spring when we still lived at my parent’s house, the neighbor’s daggone turkey was up on Mom’s porch and she was fit to be tied.

Mom, not the turkey!

I mean, that turkey was looking IN at us!  Weirdest thing I ever saw!

So Mom went out to chase it away.  But that silly turkey was not to be deterred and back up on the porch he came.

Not to be outdone by a turkey, Mom snuck out the other door and when she next appeared, she was running out of the garage with a broom which she then threw at that bird like she was an Olympic Javelin Champion!!! 

I said “like” a champion; that broom didn’t even come close to hitting that turkey.  Not even a bronze medal for Mom!  Sorry!

So Dad took his turn!  He chased that turkey with the broom and made contact a couple of times but once we all got back settled in front of the TV, there was that crazy turkey peeking in at us.

Now it was MY turn!  I put Taj on the lease and out we went.

Taj was hot on that turkey’s trail and all I could do was try to keep up!  Taj ran as hard as he could with the albatross he was tethered to and out to the back fence we chased that turkey!  All the while hearing Mom and Dad laughing like hyenas!

By the time we got the turkey back across the creek, I was exhausted!!  I was running full out as hard as my little Pikachu legs would carry me.  Taj and I paced across the back of the property as if to make sure the turkey didn’t come back but really it was so that the spots I was seeing could disappear and I could get my pulse rate back down in the 100’s.  Then we made the walk back to the house.

I was so proud of my efforts and you know the first thing Dad said to me?

“That was the slowest run I’ve ever seen!”

I guess its all about your perspective.

I saw this on my cousin’s blog (Jessica Chronicled) and just had to share it:

I sometimes wish I could run but it just exerts way too much energy and I’m pretty sure I’m opposed to that. 



5 thoughts on “Run, Mish! Run for your life!!

  1. Try being chased by a whole flock/gaggle/whatever of turkeys. Happened to me when I was 12. Quite traumitizing. Now I only like small birds, like lovebirds!

  2. Haha, that picture gets me every time. I remember hearing this story at the family reunion but it was still funny reading it! You and Taj make a good turkey chasing team! 🙂

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