Decisions, Decisions

Today I was prepared to share with you a funny story about Taj, the Mr. and diarrhea.

But then I saw the sad, sad news that Andy Griffith had passed away and since his shows and early monologues had so shaped my family, how could I not talk about Andy?

Then I noticed how many of my friends and family had posted about Ang on Facebook and we have been sharing one-liners from the wisdom of Andy that I didn’t feel like writing about that here.

So……what to do, what to do?????


I remembered this photo of Taj I took on Saturday while the Mr. and Dad were FINALLY changing out that awful seafoam green toilet in our bathroom.

Taj and I were sitting on the bed watching supervising the toilet installation and I was giving Taj a good ole belly scratch when I looked at him and saw that my precious little dog/human was sitting like a person!!

Notice how his legs are straight out………..what a funny little guy!!

And no, I didn’t make my bed…….stop judging me!!  🙂

Happy 4th!



3 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. HAHA! That is so cute and funny! Bear tends to think he is “sitting” so long as his bottom is touching something. Like in the back seat of the car, if his rear is touching the back of the seat, that is sitting. And he’s been known to sit on a step with his front feet a step down from the rest of him. I have yet to get a picture of that but I should!

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