So the Mr. and I share a vehicle. 

Actually, the Mr. has a Tacoma truck and sometimes he lets me drive it!!  🙂

And most of the time, that works for us.

It’s nice on raining days to be dropped off at the door for work instead of trudging through the pouring rain from the parking garage.

It’s nice to be chauffeured instead of having to be responsible.  There’s a lot of stuff out there to look at!!

It’s even nice to sit and relax and read my Kindle or watch tv in the breakroom for the 30-40 minutes it takes for him to pick me up at the end of the day. 

But every now and again I miss having my own wheels.

I’ve had my eye on a RAV-4 for quite awhile and I have told the Mr. that as soon as we moved to KY that I was getting one.  I’ve even picked out the color.

Well, we’ve been here for nine months and still no RAV-4. 

We were discussing it at lunch today and figured that we will finally bite the bullet in the next couple of months (hopefully) when out of the blue………..A SIGN!!!

(I’m big on signs!!)

We pulled up to my office building and right in front of us was the exact color RAV-4 that I wanted!!

I shouted “LOOK!  It’s a sign!!! (I think I may have scared the Mr.)

But as we got closer I noticed the personalized license plate.

It said “WIN SOX”.

Definitely NOT a sign!!  🙂



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