Dog Days of Summer

The weekend has come and gone in a hurry and here we are back to Monday.  Why is it that the weekdays drag but the weekends fly by??? 

We had an incident with the little guy this weekend that had me worried (I’m a BIG worrier!) but I think we’re on the mend.

Friday night as we were going to bed at 1:00 am (why do we stay up so dag-gone late????), I noticed that there was a red spot on Taj’s arm.

Ok, maybe it’s not really his arm.  But since it’s the front leg, it really should be called an arm.  The Mr. does not agree.

Anyway, I checked it out the best I could since he was trying to escape my clutches.  Brian and Andrew do the same thing.  Baffling!  And sure enough, there on his little arm is a hot spot!  All the hair is gone from that area and I was just sure that by morning he’d be hairless!

So since I felt so sorry for him, the push-over that I am let him sleep in the bed with us!  I’m such a good mother! NOT!

The next morning, after sleeping in as much as my old bones would allow, I checked online to see what could be done for hot spots.  He needed some medicine.  So I called his vet’s office and described the spot and since it was small they told me to come in and get some spray. 

I quickly got dressed so I could get there before they closed at noon.  Of course, the Mr. commented that for Taj, I’d run right out but I wouldn’t run out to get him breakfast!!  I replied that he could get his own breakfast but Taj could NOT drive………….he’s only 3!!!

When I got back home with the spray (and no breakfast for the Mr.) I put a couple of squirts on his arm.  I wasn’t sure if I even got him because he is such a wiggle-tail but judging by what happened next, I’m pretty sure I did.

Next thing I know, that dog is running around like the devil himself is hot on his tail.  He ran from the living room into the dining room, around the table and back to the living room, made a circle around and did the whole thing over a couple more times!!!  All the while his back half was tucked under in case the devil got too close!

It was the funniest, most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen!  Of course, when I thought about it, I figured it must sting like a son-of-a-gun for him to run like that.  Poor guy!

I’m supposed to do this 2-3 times a day so now when he sees me with the spray, he runs and hides.  I’m going to start making the Mr. do it from now on! 

Here’s a picture of his hot spot on Saturday morning:



It was much redder on Friday night but he won’t stop licking it so I’m not sure how long before it heals.

He’s already figured out that, even though I’m the evil spray lady, he is getting extra pettings and snacks.  Here he is living the life of luxury on Sunday morning while I’m getting ready for church:



What a sweet boy!



4 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. Yeah, but she kept that stuff in the freezer!!!!!! Anyway, I could never run with my tail tucked between my legs!!

  2. I don’t know, Dad. I’ve seen you play softball and sometimes your “tail” was tucked when you were running the bases!!

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