The Best Laid Plans

The Mr. and I are very different.  I think I’ve shared that with you before but it’s worth repeating.  And I don’t just mean in the typical male/female ways.  He’s just an odd duck!  Don’t tell him I said that!  🙂

For example, when we get home from a trip, the Mr. likes to totally unpack the bags and put everything away before even sitting down!  That’s just crazy talk!

I, on the other hand, will continue to live out of my suitcase until its empty of all the clean clothes and/or laundry day rolls around.  This makes the Mr. insane!!

We went on our anniversary trip the weekend of June 22.  We were gone for just a few days but we each had our own bag.  When we got home, sure enough, the Mr. dutifully unpacks his bag and puts all his stuff away.  I also unpacked my bag since I was trying to be cooperative.

The Mr. asked where his suitcase goes.  Since we’ve recently moved into the Mahal, I understand that he’s still figuring out my crazy organization of our junk.  I just told him to leave it and I’d put it away.  Wasn’t that nice of me??

Imagine my surprise when, 3 weeks later, the Mr. dares to question why that red suitcase is still sitting out in our room!  The nerve!!! 

Its only been a few weeks.  What’s the hurry?????

And its not like I put mine away and left his……….mine is sitting there right beside his!!!

I’d like to tell you that I was contrite, immediately admitted my laziness and put the bags away but I must confess that my first reaction to  his inquiry was a little more heated than that.

A LOT more heated, actually.

Man, did that tick me off!!!!

So as soon as he left the room, I put my bag away and as I reached for his, I thought “I’ll show that Mr.” and I quickly put the suitcase on his side of the bed and covered it up with the blankets (surprise, surprise, I hadn’t made the bed that morning!).

Then all I had to do was wait.

The anticipation was KILLING me!  I couldn’t wait to see his face when he pulled those covers back.  This was going to be the best bazinga ever!!

He came back into the room and I piddled around waiting for him to discover my trickery.

He plugged in his phone.

He took off his belt and ring and laid them neatly on the dresser (he’s just too neat for his own good!).

He got a drink of water to take his pill.


This is it!

He grabs his pillow, walks around the bed and lays down…………..on MY side!!


He was getting on my side so that while we watched TV I could scratch his bloomin’ back!!!!

And here I was trying to swallow the grin on my face.  He was ruining it!!!

I finally marched over to his side, jerked the covers back revealing the suitcase, and said “LOOK!  You ruined it!”

He immediately started howling with laughter! 

For all you who think he’s a quiet, mild-mannered guy, let me tell you that his laughing was rattling the windows!!!  Scared poor Taj to death!!!

Drat…..foiled again!



6 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Sorry, I’m with John on this one. That would drive me crazy! And to think, next week you get to do it all over again!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The whole time I was reading this I was thinking, “What’s the big deal? You have to pack again next week. Just leave it all where it is!”. I guess John wouldn’t be too happy with me either!

  3. Haha, I would have to agree with John and Ryan would probably agree with you! 🙂 That is quite the awesome prank to put his suitcase in the bed! Too bad it didn’t work out! I always have to ask Ryan “why did these clothes make it to the floor beside the hamper without actually making it into the hamper?” (to which he has no answer, just laughter, haha). Maybe I will grab a pile of it and put it under the covers on his side of the bed??? 🙂

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