Rainbow Dog, Royale With Cheese & Glitter

Today we took our sweet little Taj to the groomer.  He actually loves to go.  He gets to be around lots of people and play with other dogs.  The bad part is that we have to drop him off before work which means leaving the house by 7:30 then spending our whole lunch hour picking him up and taking him home. 

This morning when I dropped him off, the groomer had her own dog there and he was rainbow colored!!!  Here is a picture of a similar dog except the one I saw this morning even had his head colored:


I was a little afraid of what Taj would look like when I picked him up but he seemed content to stay so I went to work.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Mr. and I are trying to loose weight.  We didn’t last too long on the plan we originally started so we switched to Weight Watchers.  So far we’ve done pretty well.  We’ve both lost some weight and we’ve been able to eat regular food (which we like!).  

So today since we were picking up Taj, we knew we’d have to get something on the run.  Last night we studied the Weight Watchers list of McDonald’s food to see what we could afford with our daily points.  We both love Big Mac’s but found that the Quarter Pounder was less points.  So thats what we got and let me tell you, that was the best burger I’ve eaten in a good while!!!  So yummy!

We hurried and sucked those down so we could pick up Taj because if we ate afterwards, we’d have to share with the dog!  He loves food as much as we do!

How is it that I manage to fatten up all those around me????

All except Andrew.  What a skinny little thing!

Anyway, we drove to the vet’s office to get Taj and when they brought him out I was expecting him to be beside himself with joy over my arrival.  But, oh no!  He could have cared less to see me.  He was having way too much fun with Rainbow Dog and the big ole orange cat who have free reign over the office!!

I noticed that they had tied a blue bow around his neck.  They’ve never done that before and it was a little poofy for my liking.  Not very boyish in my opinion.  Of course, when the Mr. saw him, he immediately started calling him a sissy dog!  My poor baby!!

So I took that thing off as soon as I got us both belted into the truck. 

Thats when I noticed it.

It wasn’t just a blue ribbon………..it was a GLITTERY blue ribbon!!!

And now I am glittery!

I had it EVERYWHERE!; on my clothes, on my arms, even on my face!

The Mr. said, “Your co-workers will think you’ve been stripping during your lunch hour!” 

Well first of all, NOBODY would pay money to see that!!  Maybe give me money to keep my clothes ON but definately not off.

And second, what does HE know about strippers and glitter???????

I think we’re gonna have to have a little talk when we get home!

Happy weekend!





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